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Hall of Fame

View ACS's honorary list of life members and fellows.  

Recognising those who have made significant contributions to Australia's ICT sector and ACS.

ACS Honorary Life Member

A member that is recognised by ACS for their outstanding contribution may be elected as an Honorary Life Member. 

For information on the eligibility criteria, visit ACS Guidelines for Membership.


ACS Fellow

A Fellow of ACS is a person who has made a distinguished contribution to the field of ICT in Australia and is a member of the professional division of ACS.

For information on ACS's Fellows Membership Grade, please refer to ACS Guidelines for Membership.

For Fellow Nominations, please click the links below:


For all inquiries about ACS recognition awards, please send an email to


ACS Honorary Life Members

2020 - 2029

  • Jacky Hartnett


    Jacky Hartnett has provided exemplary leadership and voluntary service to the Australian Computer Society (ACS) over many decades. Jacky was an early pioneer and role model for women in computing, and through her role as an ACS elected official, has generously served locally and at a state level on the Tasmanian Branch Executive Committee, including appointments as Branch Chair and Honorary Secretary. Both nationally and internationally, Jacky has been instrumental in representing ACS as both a Vice President (Academic Boards) and Congress Representative. She has also been a key contributor across the ACS Women Committee, National Fellows Committee, ACS Disciplinary Committee, and the ACS Heritage Committee, as well a member of the Constitutional Reform Working Group. Jacky is recognised as a strong and highly respected contributing influence and advocate of the ACS.

  • Stephen Godbee


    Mr Steve Godbee has contributed to the ACS with distinction for over 15 years. Steve was appointed as Director of the Member Lifecycle Board from 2007 to 2011. During this time, he was instrumental in driving significant changes and programs that have transformed ACS to this day, including the Professional Partner Program and Open Membership. From 2006 to 2013, Steve served on the NSW Branch Executive Committee. He then led the Professional Standards Board as Director in 2016, followed by Director of the Professional Advisory Board in 2017, ensuring a smooth transition from one structure to another. Steve has played an integral role in the ACS Digital Disruptors Awards and in 2018 was appointed as the Chief Judge. He has also been a long-standing contributor to both the Professional Standards Committee and Business Assurance Committee. Across his tenure, Steve has used his personal profile to promote ACS, including being the first spokesperson for Certification. Steve has served substantially to the Society, selflessly and humbly, without seeking praise.

  • Richard James Baecher


    Richard Baecher has made an outstanding contribution to the Australian Computer Society through his active participation in the affairs of the Society at both its national and branch levels. He has served on the NSW BEC for 17 continuous years, in roles including Chair (for 4 years), Vice Chair, Chair of the NSW Fellows Committee and Ordinary Member. He is recognised for his ongoing contribution over many years to increasing member engagement in the NSW Branch, developing ACS relationships with Government, and his work in recognising and supporting ACS Fellows. Richard has also served on the Management Committee, in the ACS Congress, and the Disciplinary Committee. He was Chair of the MC Subcommittee responsible for the move of the ACS into its new Barangaroo Office. He has also been particularly instrumental in increasing the profile of the ACS in the NSW Government.

  • John Stanley Price


    John Price FACS has made an outstanding contribution to the ACS, and to the ACS Foundation Board which he joined in 2008. Consistently generous with his time, he has unstintingly supported the ACS as a member and Fellow, and as a Board member in ACS Foundation. As an ACS Fellow John developed and presented a series of presentations on Emotional Intelligence, Career Development and Interviewing Skills to NSW Branch members. He delivered the Ethics component of the ACS Professional Year Program and assisted in designing a Communications Skills Course. John constructed and presented ICT career/ interview skills workshops on multiple visits to 8 Australian universities, plus workshops for NSW members. John then developed a multi series Webinar on the same subject, which is still in use today. Appointed to ACS Strategic Initiatives Advisory Committee in 2012 – 13, he led planning workshops with the CEO on brand leverage and joint marketing with ACS Foundation. During this time John mentored two ACS Presidents in ACS governance and key strategic human resource matters. In 2014 John was invited to become Chief Judge of Australia's longest running, innovation recognition awards by its steering committee. He was subsequently commended for his leadership and tireless effort in making the event an outstanding success during a challenging year. Since 2015/16 John has continued mentoring and coaching ACS members (some with disabilities) on workplace confidence and employment strategies. John’s contribution reflects his outstanding ability as an ACS Fellow and a Foundation Board member to achieve strategic and operational consensus between both organisations while contributing significantly to the daily work of each.