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The ACS is designated by the Minister for Immigration in accordance with the Migration Regulations as the relevant Assessing Authority for ICT skills occupations as listed in the List of Eligible Skilled Occupations

Information For Migration Agents


Welcome to the Migration Agents already registered with the ACS. Please proceed to the Agents Login to access your dashboard where you can manage all your ACS applications. 

At the completion of your skills assessment the ACS will issue you with a result letter via email which can be submitted to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection as evidence of your migration skills assessment.

Please Note: Only one application can be active at any one time.

After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email with your ACS reference number and information to track the progress of your application.

We will complete all applications as soon as possible, however please allow 6-8 weeks to receive a completed skills assessment result letter.

Migration Agent Login

If you wish to be appointed to an existing application, please complete the Agent Authorisation Form and email to with a certified copy of your client’s passport.

If you wish to register as a Migration Agent with the ACS, please Click here

Before starting your client’s online application, please login to the Agents Login. This will automatically add your Migration Agent details in to the Application Form.

Before you submit a Migration Skills Assessment, please review the "Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants" to ensure you meet the ACS Skills Assessment Criteria.

Skills Assessment Information: 


Cost & Charges 

To ensure you submit the correct application type before submitting your application, please review the Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants for a detailed explanation of the application type criteria. 


Application Type Fee
Temporary Graduate - 485 Skills Assessment  $475
Post Australian Study Skills Assessment
Skills (general application) 
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
Review Application
Appeal Application


All skills assessment fees will include a total of 8 assessment episodes per application.  An assessment episode can be either qualification or employment documentation. 

For example, you can submit 3 qualifications and 5 employment episodes or 8 employment episodes in total or any combination of qualifications and employment episodes numbering 8 assessment episodes per application. 
A $50 fee will apply for each additional qualification or employment episodes that exceeds a maximum of 8 assessment episodes per application.

All application fees are in Australian dollars $AUD.