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Hall of Fame

View ACS's honorary list of life members and fellows.  

Recognising those who have made significant contributions to Australia's ICT sector and ACS.

ACS Honorary Life Member

A member that is recognised by ACS for their outstanding contribution may be elected as an Honorary Life Member. 

For information on the eligibility criteria, visit ACS Guidelines for Membership.


ACS Fellow

A Fellow of ACS is a person who has made a distinguished contribution to the field of ICT in Australia and is a member of the professional division of ACS.

For information on ACS's Fellows Membership Grade, please refer to ACS Guidelines for Membership.

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ACS Fellows

2015 - 2016

  • Julie James


    Julie James has made a distinguished contribution to ICT in the field of data modelling at national and international level and influencing systems engineering policy setting in early computing exercising considerable thought leadership of that time. She worked to promote the Australian Software Industry leading and supporting advanced system development projects, and IS and IT strategic planning at corporate and national level. Internationally and nationally Julie worked to promote IT-related knowledge methods that improved the use of IT. In the academic arena Julie was an early pioneer in the widespread application of industry experience to IS course development and research. She was responsible for introducing fact based data modelling to Australia and demonstrating its effectiveness in requirements analysis. Julie was a role model for women in IT in the profession's earliest days.

  • Mark Lee


    Mark J W Lee has made a distinguished contribution to ICT through both hisresearch on pedagogical applications of social media, mobile technologies and 3D virtual environments and in supporting the advancement of professional development amongst ICT practitioners. He has published widely and his peer-reviewed publications has placed him among the 25 most highly cited authors in online and e-Learning. He has served on several professional societies interest groups over the years and played a significant role in establishing their range of activities for the benefit of members. Throughout the years he has been an editorial board member of approximately 20 journals and guest edited special issues of several others. Mark has also played an influential role on several bodies which inform the standards of practice in his professional space.

  • Richard Constantine


    Professor Richard Constantine has made a distinguished contribution to ICT through his strong commitment to excellence and innovation in the higher education sector. Richard is recognised for his change management particularly in the areas of student and teaching experience as evidenced in being the first to introduce total-coverage wireless network in an Australian university. Richard has also been a pioneer in the introduction of the Digital Campus strategy. At the same time Professor Constantine has generously donated his time to both mentoring junior staff and ensuring the successful outcome of ICTinnovationsinorganisations otherthan his employer and local and state governments for the benefit of the community particularly in South Australia. In recognition, Richard was awarded both the South Australian and the Australian CIOofthe Year award in2014, the first time the award had been made to a university CIO.

  • Bruce Rankin


    Bruce Rankin has made a distinguished contribution to ICT through his outstanding leadership and major voluntary contributions to improve the education, professionalism, mentoring and guidance of practitioners working in project management within the ICT sector. Bruce has also been an active participant in the policy setting agenda, volunteering time to work with governments, academia and industries sharing his deep understanding of ICT issues. As a Committee member of the joint PMI, Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators and ACS Committee on the Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Australian ICT industry, he contributed to the implementation of the Australian Government policy to promote the use of Alternate Dispute Resolution for the ICT industry. He has also provided assistance to several universities in reviewing and developing syllabi in the project management sector. Bruce’s interest and research into the differences between Project Management in the ICT and Construction industries is noted.

  • Annemieke Craig


    Dr Annemieke Craig has made a distinguished contribution to the field of information and communications technology in Australia by her nationally and internationally recognised effortsto attract,support and retain women in computing over a long period of time. Dr Craig's research is highly regarded globally and she tirelessly supports students, teachers and professional women through her enduring work with the Go Girl and Digital Divas programs. Her leadership and contribution, amongst others, has seen a shift in attitudes and a growing awareness of the value of gender diversity within the computing profession and its benefit to industry.

  • Jo Coldwell-Neilson


    Dr Jo Coldwell-Neilson has made a distinguished contribution to the field of information and communications technology in Australia by improving the participation of women in ICT through the promotion of ICT as a desirable career path. Her efforts have realised substantial outcomes including some 6000 school girls in the "Go Girls Go for IT" since 2006, conduct of an annual Gender Summit in The Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment, Deakin which was awarded a Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Award in 2015. Jo has demonstrated a commitment to the ongoing improvement of the profession through her role as ACS examiner of Diploma (Professional Practice) and supporting students in IT through linking her research to teaching practice.

  • Raymond Choo


    Associate Professor Raymond Choo has made a distinguished contribution to ICT in the fields of computer security and in particular anti-money laundering, cyber and information security, and digital forensics. He holds thee patents provisionally in digital forensics and mobile application security. Associate Professor Raymond Choo has developed in-depth expertise across a range ofsecurity challenges and his work is widely cited. His opinions on and expertise in cybercrime and cyber security are regularly published in the media and he holds honorary positions with a number of national and global professional bodies.

  • Catherine Lang


    Dr Catherine Lang has made a consistent and continued contribution to the promotion of ICT to students, teachers and pre-service teachers since the mid - 1990s. She was a foundation Board Member of the Victorian ICT for Women’s Network that delivered Go Girl in Victoria. She wrote the first VicICT Mentoring program and ran it for two year s. She co-created the Digital Divas Program (2009-2012) and other curriculum programs to engender student curiosity and confidence in computing. She co-chaired Australian Women Computing conferences in 2006, 2009 and 2011 and expanded its reach into New Zealand in 2013.

  • Anthony Maeder


    Professor Anthony Maeder has made a distinguished contribution to the ICT profession through his leadership in ICT education and business. In addition to an outstanding research career in field of eHealth, through his roles as senior academic, director, and consultant, his strategic ability to bring the wisdom of other disciplines into the mainstream information technology has been essential to the success of health informatics, in the professional and the academic world, at regional, national, and international level. His sustained contributions have spanned partnerships with government, consultancies with industry, university collaborations and international research initiatives which have had a significant impact on the preparation of ICT professionals, healthcare workers and ICT enabled healthcare systems.

  • Steve Godbee


    Steve Godbee has made a distinguished contribution to ICT through his outstanding leadership in a professional capacity at a major multinational as well as in his sustained engagement in mentoring young people interested in a career in ICT. Steve has had a significant impact on the practice of ICT through his leadership of mobility innovation, the significance of which was acknowledged by his company and later adopted globally in his organisation and by many other organisations with a need to embrace a "work anywhere, anytime" paradigm. He has been an active participant in the policy-setting agenda, making time to work with governments, academia and industries to share his deep understanding of ICT issues. Steve is an active, committed mentor and for more than a decade has engaged with students to influence their views about careers in ICT.

  • Philip Ingerson


    Philip Ingerson has made an outstanding and distinguished contribution to the ICT services sector, which includes the foundation and leadership of a major ICT organisation, Intec Group. In particular he has made a distinguished contribution to the ICT profession through his promotion of ICT by wide and active participation in and leadership of Government and industry boards and committees through which he has had a major influence on ICT innovation and policy predominantly within South Australia. He has improved the quality of ICT education by his development of innovative advanced courses for practicing ICT professionals, and has positively influenced better outcomes for university students through developing strong industry links with the University sector.

  • Keith Sherringham


    Keith Sherringham has made a distinguished contribution to the ICT profession through his leadership and innovation in the application of ICT to business, already acknowledged with two separate Consensus award in 2011 and 2013. In his service to Not-for-Profit organisations, outside of his day to day work, Keith has selflessly and at a significant personal cost, developed a fundraising solution for use within NFPs providing opportunities that some would not otherwise have to achieve the funding they need. His contribution to society as an ICT professional extends beyond Australia's shores into India and other places within the region through his writing and shared values projects.

  • David Cook


    David Cook has made a distinguished contribution to the ICT profession through his long standing commitment to outreach by engaging with the community to improve their confidence and use of ICT and the Internet in their daily lives, recognising the ubiquity and pervasiveness of this.David has worked since 2006 as a volunteer in promoting the use of technology in a secure and safe manner by improving Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in multiple languages, through his work with indigenous communities to both reflect their needs within teaching pedagogies as well as fostering their interest in ICT as a career choice. Further he has worked with some 18,000 Seniors and citizens to educate and inform his various audiences. Because of his voluntary activity David is regularly called on by the WA Government's Seniors Ministerial Advisory Council to provide input and advice thus exerting influence on decisions at that level.

  • Mark Toomey


    Since 2003, Mark has made substantial contribution in governance and management of information technology. As Project Editor for ISO 38500, he was responsible for drafting the international standard. Through consulting, research, publishing, education and public speaking, he has become recognized as a leading international expert in governance and management of IT. His widely acclaimed book, Waltzing with the Elephant, is a prescribed text in universities such as UPM in Spain. He has delivered ACS EdXN sessions, in 2009 and 2014 and was recognized by his industry peers when he received the 2012 award for ICT Professional of the Year.

  • Mal Thatcher


    Mal Thatcher has made a distinguished contribution to the ICT profession through his leadership in the Health ICT community. Mal has been instrumental in important dialogues with the Queensland and National Government and the ICT industry and has generously contributed histime and advice to promote the advancement of ICT at these forums and committees and through his involvement on numerous industry advisory boards. In addition, Mal was recognized for his outstanding contributions through the QUT Outstanding Alumnus award.

  • Charlynn Miller


    Dr Charlynn Miller has made a distinguished contribution to the ICT profession through her excellence in educational leadership since 2004. She has championed the profession through outreach activities to schools, businesses and the wider community. These activities have led to the development of a healthy, vibrant research community which she continues to nurture. Dr Miller has been recognised as a notable leader in ICT and through her voluntary contribution, particularly in regional Victoria, has been outstanding as a role model creating understanding and excitement about technology as a career. She currently is a senior editor to an international publication in teaching and learning.

  • Michael Horton


    Michael Horton has made a distinguished contribution to the ICT profession through his passion for driving ICT in Western Australia both as a senior leader in industry and as a volunteer. He has spent countless hours engaged in voluntarily working to bring together the IT industry and profession in WA over many years. One of his key achievements in this volunteer space has been providing leadership to establish and drive a joint task force comprising State Government, ICT industry and ICT educational institutions at a time when an industry skills shortage loomed in WA. Michael is recognised by his peers as a quiet achiever and author of some note in the management space.