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ACS Trust Mark ®

The ACS Trust Mark provides confidence to purchasers of the capability of their technology partners.

ACS Trust Mark ®

ACS Trust Mark ®

Build confidence and trust with customers, employees and stakeholders


Digital transformation projects are essential for Australian businesses to progress and compete in the modern world, but choosing the best technology partner to support their projects isn't always so clear. The ACS Trust Mark provides confidence to purchasers in the capability of their technology partners.

Built on a foundation of international best practice principles, the ACS Trust Mark Scheme is unique and fit for purpose in Australia. Demonstrate your organisations ability in one of seven registered scopes.

The ACS Trust Mark ® scheme is for the registration of organisations that provide information technology services. To be registered, organisations must demonstrate that their service fulfils a set of requirements as outlined in the ACS Trust Mark ® Scheme Requirements.

The scheme is specifically aimed at small or medium sized organisations (SMEs) that provide IT services to their customers. Registration under the scheme represents an independent assurance that these organisations have implemented and maintain a set of procedures and controls as part of their commitment to meeting the service requirements of their customers.

Registration under this scheme can be used as a stepping stone towards obtaining certification to the requirements in AS/ISO 20000.1:2013, Information technology - Service management - Service management system requirements.

The ACS Trust Mark ® scheme is for the registration of organisations that provide information technology services in accordance with ACS Trust Mark ® Rules and ACS Trust Mark ® Scheme Requirements.

Organisations demonstrate their fulfilment of the scheme requirements through a desk-top audit process that consists of submission and review of:

  1. a declaration of conformity 
  2. documentation about their service delivery processes
  3. records demonstrating the control of their service delivery process including confirmation of the customer’s service requirements and follow-up on customer feedback and complaints and
  4. records demonstrating the competence of personnel and the management of suppliers. 

Successful demonstration that the scheme requirements are fulfilled results in the granting of registration and the permission to use the ACS Trust Mark ® on communication and marketing materials.

Registration is renewable every two years subject to demonstrating ongoing fulfilment of requirements.

To recognise that there are many diverse types of information technology, registration is granted to cover one or more scopes. These scopes include:

  • Managed Services
  • Applications
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security
  • Mobility
  • Websites.

Organisations who have achieved recognition and have issued with ACS Trust Mark®


First Focus recognised with ACS Trust Mark ®


'First Focus are excited to be leading the industry as the first managed service provider recipient of the ACS Trust Mark. We have welcomed the opportunity to join with ACS in their drive to raise standards in the IT industry. The Trust Mark accreditation provides an important validation of the best practice systems and processes we have developed, as we strive to make a difference for clients through better using IT. We believe the Trust Mark will come to represent high quality organisations in our industry that Australian businesses can confidently partner with.'

— Philip Barton, Head of Client Services at First Focus


Touchpoint Technology recognised with ACS Trust Mark ®


'Touchpoint's vision is to deliver 'Outstanding customer service experiences'. To consistently ensure this outcome, we habitually build and refine tight systems and processes in all areas of our business that enable us to quickly deliver on our promises and exceed customer expectations. When we began to explore the ACS Trust Mark Scheme, it quickly became evident that this was an ideal fit for our business. The scheme provides a tangible and trusted level of assurance to all existing and prospective clients that Touchpoint maintain the highest quality standards. We look forward to seeing more Australian technology businesses joining the scheme and raising the benchmark within our industry.'

— Bill Freeman, Director at Touchpoint Technology


Techforce Services  recognised with ACS Trust Mark ®


'We see the ACS Trust Mark as an essential differentiating credential for SMEs in today’s competitive marketplace. I want to thank our hardworking and dedicated team at Techforce for extending their continuous support in maintaining the process and standards that this certification brings'

— Vamsi Krishna Gosu, Founder & Director at Techforce Services