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Hall of Fame

View ACS's honorary list of life members and fellows.  

Recognising those who have made significant contributions to Australia's ICT sector and ACS.

ACS Honorary Life Member

A member that is recognised by ACS for their outstanding contribution may be elected as an Honorary Life Member. 

For information on the eligibility criteria, visit ACS Guidelines for Membership.


ACS Fellow

A Fellow of ACS is a person who has made a distinguished contribution to the field of ICT in Australia and is a member of the professional division of ACS.

For information on ACS's Fellows Membership Grade, please refer to ACS Guidelines for Membership.

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ACS Honorary Life Members

2010 - 2019

  • Andrew Freeman


    Andrew Freeman, FACS, has made an outstanding contribution to the Society over a long period, especially during the 1990s, in national, international and branch roles. For much of this period, he served the ACS as Director of the Community Affairs Board (1996-2000) and as a committed member on that Board’s sub committees. Andrew’s contribution established and managed the online communication and collaboration platforms on dedicated websites and email lists. Without his efforts, the ACS would not have had an Internet presence until much later. Andrew also made a significant contribution on behalf of the ACS as a representative to IFIP Technical Committee TC9 (computers in society) and as a Conference organising committee member across two branch conferences.

  • Mike Driver


    Mike Driver has made a significant, sustained and outstanding contribution to the ACS over the last 12 years. His most recent and most far reaching contribution has been as sponsor of the Digital Business Strategy (DBS) over the last two years. This has transformed the ACS’s connection with its members and has, in the process, provided a huge and much needed transformation in the ACS systems which collect, process and report on member data. For the first time, members have real self-service access to the ACS. Mike has also been a long-term and highly engaged champion of professional development and mentoring over the last decade. He has concurrently been a highly active Queensland BEC member and Vice-Chair. Over the last two years, he has very successfully undertaken the role of National Vice- President (Membership Boards) and he has been elected as the incoming chair of the Queensland Branch.

  • Michael Hawkins


    Michael Hawkins has made a sustained, significant and substantial contribution to the Australian Computer Society over the last ten years. His term as Director of the MLMB saw him lead the society to re-brand itself after 40 years, introducing a new look and a new culture to the society nationally. As National Congressional Representativemember of Management Committee, Michael has led significant projects, shifting the ACS website infrastructure to new technology approaches twice, leading the highly successful 50th Anniversary celebrations, and currently leading the Heritage Committee, published a history of computing in Australia. At the Branch level, Michael has been a visionary leader of the branch, delivered successful Annual Conferences variously as chair and key organising committee member for years, and is a driving force in the mentoring program’s operation in Canberra and nationally. Michael is an outstanding ambassador of the ACS across industry and government sectors and exemplifies the Australian Computer Society | Hall of Fame | 2018 Page 3 leadership and ethics of senior executives in the IT industry.

  • Jan Kornweibel


    Jan Kornweibel has made an outstanding contribution to the Australian Computer Society through her active participation in the affairs of the Society over a period spanning five decades. She joined the ACS in May of 1967, having already been active the WA Computer Society before the West Australian Computer Society merged into the nationalsociety. Jan was a female pioneer role-model from the onset of her involvement with the society, and was the first female BEC member as well as the first female ACS Branch Chair in Western Australia. She gave 16 years of service to the WA Branch Executive Committee. From the mid-1970s she laid the foundations for establishing recognition for Computing with Disability. She started the first Special Interest Group for Computing assisting Disabled people, and was at the forefront of instituting the early recognition and awareness of a range of accessibility issues in WA. Jan was instrumental in coordinating the first ACS National conference in Western Australia, and has continued to mentor females in the society throughout her 50 years of membership of the ACS. She continues to serve in accessibility and is an important contributor to the establishment of software testing for students on the Autism Spectrum.

  • Alan Bell


    Mr Alan Bell has made an outstanding contribution to the Australian Computer Society through his active and engaged membership spanning across 50 years. He was a pioneer of computing in Victoria and was, an active member of the Victoria Computer Society in the early 1960s and was instrumental in the formation of the ACS in 1966. He served on the ACS Victorian Branch Executive Committee for 10 years becoming Vice Chairman in 1973 and Chairman in 1974-1975. He contributed to the ACS relationship with IFIP and served on the 1980 World Congress Organising Committee held jointly in Melbourne and Tokyo in 1980. He continued to contribute to ACS through the 1990’s as the organiser of a number of ACS-aligned IT conferences.

  • Peter Griffith


    Peter Griffith has made an outstanding contribution to the Australian Computer Society serving the Branch Executive Committee for over 15 years in the roles of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary as well as an ordinary committee member. He also represented the Branch on the ACS Disciplinary Committee. Peter has excelled in engaging with ICT practitioners through his work with the Curry SIG which is the ACS' longest running networking group, meeting monthly for lunch over curry. Similarly, he has been organising events and conferences for an ACS common interest group involving a widely used software framework for members and non-members addressing the principal ACS object to develop Australian ICT resources.

  • Patrick Wilson


    Patrick Wilson has made an outstanding contribution to the Australian Computer Society serving as a respected mentor to colleagues and members as well as taking on roles including the ACS NSW Chair and ACS Management Committee national congressional representative. He has also served with distinction as a BEC Member and a NSW Fellows Committee member for more than a decade. His contribution has also included chairing the national ICT reference group and the re-branding project steering committee. Patrick currently continues to support ACS in his role as co-chair of the ACS Compliance Group.

  • Sam Burrell


    Sam Burrell has made an outstanding contribution to the Australian Computer Society in his many roles as a staff member of ACS having gone above and beyond those duties on his position description over an extended period of time. His ability to engage positively with elected members as they came and went islegendary. Sam served under many Presidents and CEOs providing the fabric that has held the ACS together through good and difficult times over his 20 plus years ofservice,something all electedmembers and the staff with whom he worked throughout ACS came to relyon.

  • Andrew Parbury


    Mr. Andrew Parbury has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the Australian Computer Society through his membership for over 40 years and active and commendable service towards the affairs of the Society. Mr. Parbury has served on the Victorian Branch Executive Committee for over 1 0 years in various capacities and was instrumental in the initial development of three Special Interest Groups, a mentoring program, multiple branch conferences and events, and service on multiple committees. His dedication in support of societal development has been of the highest order and is in keeping with the finest traditions of the Australian Computer Society

  • Ian Wells


    Mr. Ian Wells has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the Australian Computer Society through his membership for over 30 years and active and commendable service towards the affairs of the Society. Mr. Wells has served on the Victorian Branch Executive Committee for over 10 years in various capacities and national Management Committee. Mr. Wells was instrumental in increasing the representation of women and Young-IT members and for major reviews of the Society. His dedication in support of societal development has been of the highest order and is in keeping with the finest traditions of the Australian Computer Society.

  • Dennis Moore


    Professor Dennis Moore has made a most distinguished contribution to the Australian Computer Society through all of his working life and on into retirement. Dennis founded the Western Australian Computer Society and led it into amalgamation with other state bodies to form the Australian Computer Society. He has continued to support the ACS in every possible way throughout all of his life. Even in retirement, he actively supports and has given his name to the Dennis Moore Distinguished Oration and he sponsors the 1962 Prize for university students. Recognised by the ACS with an AM and inducted into the Pearcey Hall of Fame, Dennis has been a distinguished leader of the ACS in Western Australia.

  • Nick Tate


    Dr Nick Tate joined the ACS on 29/03/2004, and became a Fellow on the 24th of May 2006. He was elected to Management Committee as a National Congressional Representative 2008 & 2009, as National Treasurer 2010 & 2011, and as ACS President 2012 & 2013. During 2013, Dr Tate also performed the role of President of SEARCC. Dr Tate’s distinguished service includes Chair of the World Computer Congress held in Brisbane 20-23 September 2010, playing a pivotal role in securing ACS as the lead agency in the development of the Consumer Cloud Protocol; and the establishment of the inaugural ACS Future Leaders Institute.

  • Chris Avram


    Chris Avram has made an outstanding contribution to the Australian Computer Society over more than 17 years. At Branch level he has served on the Executive as Secretary, Vice-Chairman and Chairman. Nationally, Chris has served as National Vice-President, Director of the Computer Systems & Engineering Board, Chairman of the National Disciplinary Committee, and as Certification Teacher, Tutor, Examiner. Internationally, Chris has been unstinting in applying his energy and considerable expertise to these varied roles, and the Society has benefited enormously as a result.

  • Wayne Knack


    Wayne Knack has made an outstanding contribution to the Australian Computer Society through his exceptional service to the Society over 20 years. He distinguished himself through his service to the Society holding executive positions at Chapter (Treasurer and Chair) and Branch (Vice Chair and Chair) levels as well as being the Board Director of Professional Development at a time when this area was being significantly improved for members. Throughout most of the period Wayne has been a serving member of the Queensland Branch Executive Committee.

  • Anthony Wong


    Anthony Wong has made an outstanding contribution to the Australian Computer Society through his exceptional service to the NSW Branch and the Society over a 10- year period. He has distinguished himself by holding executive positions at Branch (Vice Chair and Chair) level particularly at a time of significant change to ACS' governance structure. Anthony has devoted his Presidency to continuing this reformation in governance and accountability. His distinguished service to the Society has placed ACS Australian Computer Society | Hall of Fame | 2018 Page 7 well for the future which is evidenced by the growth in the maturity of the Society during the period as well as in new memberships.

  • Kumar Parakala


    Kumar Parakala has made an outstanding contribution to the Australian Computer Society at Branch, National and Committee level over a period of eleven years. He richly deserves the award of Honorary Life Member of theSociety. Kumar was a member of the Branch Executive Committee of New South Wales(and prior to that for Queensland from 1999 to 2008 and occupied the roles of BEC Member, Vice President and Chairman. At National level Kumar served successively since 2006 in the roles of Vice President, President and immediate past president to the current day. Kumar played a major role in restructuring, increasing member engagement, developing ACS relationships with Government and engaging senior IT professionals and industry leaders to work with theACS. Kumar’s contributions to the Society are widely known and well respected, as he has been generous with his time and has assisted numerous others to engage with and contribute to the society and its aims. He is held in high esteem as one of the most dedicated members of the society, and he upholds the highest traditions of those to whom the Society awards this coveted honour.

  • Bevin Irvine


    Bevin Irvine has made an outstanding contribution to the Australian Computer Society which has resulted in the ACS North Queensland Chapter being substantially, demonstrably and positively changed, and which required substantial and commendable personal input, as can be corroborated by all past and present Chapter members. The North Queensland Chapter of the ACS celebrates its fortieth anniversary in 2010. Bevin Irvine MACS joined the ACS as a Member in 1983 and in 1986 he became a member of the Executive of the North Queensland Chapter. He has been a member of the Chapter Executive continuously since then, once as Treasurer and once as Chair for two years. During his stint as Chair, Bevin organized the only Chapter Conference ever held in Townsville. Bevin is renowned for getting quality Australian and Overseas speakers to visit the North Queensland Chapter. Australian Computer Society | Hall of Fame | 2018 Page 8 Since 1986 Bevin was twice a member of the Queensland Branch Executive Committee and Bevin is currently in his second year as Treasurer of the Queensland Branch Executive Committee. In other words, Bevin has been a member of the North Queensland Chapter Executive for 24 years of the Chapter’s 40 years’ existence, and it is fair to say that the Chapter would not have thrived without Bevin’s input.

  • Mark Lloyd


    Mark Lloyd has made an outstanding contribution to the ACS, at both Branch and National level. As Branch Chairman he was instrumental in building strong relationships between the ACS and government and helped found the ICT Industry Workgroup (ICTIW) which significantly lifted the profile of the ACS in Queensland. As Vice President he was instrumental in securing the bid to host the IFIP WCC2010 in Brisbane and served for 2 years as Chairman of the organising committee for that conference.

  • Wayne Moncur


    Wayne Moncur has made an outstanding contribution in all levels of the ACS over a 15- year period. Wayne has been one of the longest standing members of the Victorian Branch Executive Committee, serving at various times in the roles of Treasurer, Vice Chairman and Chairman. He played a major part in transforming the Branch from being moribund financially and administratively to one of the best run Branch Executive Committees. At National level he has worked tirelessly as a Branch Councillor, as a member of the Disciplinary Committee and as a member of the Membership Lifecycle Board and he has chaired or participated in multiple committees at state level.

  • Anthony (Tony) Watson


    Professor Anthony (Tony) Watson has provided a considerable amount of high-level input to the ACS over many years. The contribution was recognised by the ACS as an Achiever of the Year at a WAITTA (WA Information Technology and Telecommunications Awards) for his leadership, his high level of achievement and his contribution to ICT at state, national and international level. Professor Watson is the primary driver for the ACS WA Security Centre of Expertise that makes the ACS the focus of Security advancement, bringing together academia and industry to: cooperate through a monthly Special Interest Group attracting a large group of people; security workshops to industry; funding a speaker to provide knowledge and revenue to ACS branches around Australia; and a number of successful conferences on aspects of computer and cybersecurity. As Head of School, Dean of Faculty, Pro Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor, he has taken every opportunity to advance the ACS.