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Hall of Fame

View ACS's honorary list of life members and fellows.  

Recognising those who have made significant contributions to Australia's ICT sector and ACS.

ACS Honorary Life Member

A member that is recognised by ACS for their outstanding contribution may be elected as an Honorary Life Member. 

For information on the eligibility criteria, visit ACS Guidelines for Membership.


ACS Fellow

A Fellow of ACS is a person who has made a distinguished contribution to the field of ICT in Australia and is a member of the professional division of ACS.

For information on ACS's Fellows Membership Grade, please refer to ACS Guidelines for Membership.

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For all inquiries about ACS recognition awards, please send an email to


ACS Fellows

2013 - 2014

  • Anthony Wong


    Anthony’s career includes significant achievements including as the CIO for the Australian Tourist Commission during the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. Since 2002, as a qualified lawyer, Anthony has been assisting organizations and government in legal and IT consultancy, including new technologies such as cloud computing and Big Data as well as privacy and data protection. Anthony’s significant contribution to ICT is his tireless passion in advancing the knowledge and status of ICT throughout Australia and internationally. In addition to his term as President of the ACS, he has served on the IT industry Innovation Council and the Industry Advisory Network at the University of Technology Sydney amongst other organizations and bodies. Anthony continues his dedication to the ICT industry and its practitioners as a speaker at numerous conferences and as a guest lecturer.

  • Matthew Warren


    Professor Matthew Warren has made a distinguished contribution to Australian ICT through his leadership and research achievements in the areas of cyber security, information security and computer ethics with a focus on safeguarding Australia and the wider community. Matthew is a Professor of Information Systems at Deakin University and a researcher in the areas of Information Security, Computer Ethics and Cyber Security. He has authored and co-authored over 300 books, book chapters, journal papers and conference papers. He has received numerous grants and awards from national and international funding bodies. Professor Warren has worked actively with professional and government bodies in Australia and overseas to promote cyber/information security and computer ethics.

  • Bruce Thomas


    Professor Bruce Thomas is a world recognized researcher in advanced human-computer interaction in the field of wearable computers and augmented reality. He is a pioneer in research in outdoor augmented reality developing the world’s first outdoor augmented reality game, ARQuake. He has also played a leading role in the development of a major Spatial Augmented Reality research facility, a state-of-the-art $3 million projector- based Visualization Laboratory, the largest of its kind in the world. He has led the transition of LiveSpaces (a major ubiquitious workspace technology) to the Australian Defence Deployable Joint Forces Headquarters, and the development of the Multi- Pointer XServer (MPX) that is currently integrated into the XOrg X distribution. MPX is now part of the X Window graphical user interface software, in all major Linux distributions. He is currently a NICTA Fellow has a significant number of publications, research projects and a number of patents against his name.

  • Kumar Parakala


    Kumar Parakala has made an outstanding contribution to ICT by his international work in facilitating trans-national and cross cultural ICT initiatives between Australia and India. This includes his appointment to the Australian Industry Innovation Council by the Australian Government. In 2007 Kumar was the founding Chair of the Australia – India corridor for ICT. As a CIO in the Queensland public sector, Kumar’s responsibility for State-level agency infrastructure resulted in the promotion and adoption of new and innovative framerelay technology by his agency. Thisinitiative was subsequently followed by many other agencies. In his role in an international consulting organization Kumar’s work was recognized as bringing best practice to global outsourcingoperations. Kumar is acknowledged for international thought leadership in ICT and is regular contributor in media including Forbes India and Wall Street Journal. He participated in Presidents Clinton’s Global Initiative and is a regular invitee to Forbes CEOConferences. He is recognized as providing an outstanding example of multi-cultural leadership and achievement to young ICT professionals in Australia. In the period post his presidency of ACS, Kumar has continued to make a distinguished contribution in support of professionalism and professional development in the Australian ICT industry.

  • Robert Hillard


    Robert Hillard has over 25 years in the ICT profession and has held a number of senior partnership, executive and advisory roles. His contributions are particularly focused on information management, information complexity and the move to an information economy. Robert is a co-founder of MIKE2.0 (a widely used open approach to information and data management). As an early proponent of XBRL, Robert successfully architected its use in the regulation of the financial services sector in Australia, an approach that has been picked-up widely across the globe. He is the author of Information-Driven Business and co-author of Information Development using MIKE2.0.

  • Keith Frampton


    Dr Keith Frampton is an outstanding and very significant Australian leader in the specialisations of Enterprise Architecture and IT Governance. With over 30 years professional practice in industry and an academic career in innovative Enterprise Architecture research and educational program development and delivery, Dr Frampton's contribution to the profession is recognised as very significant in Australia and internationally. He is an invited founder member of the Centre of the Advancement of Enterprise Architecture Profession, a signatory or Australian Standards AS8051, the driving force behind a world-leading Masters’ Program and a facilitator of numerous industry-academic education and research activities.

  • Kenn Dolan


    Mr Kenn Dolan has made a significant contribution in the field of project management in the information technology space. He has been instrumental, locally and throughout the Asia-Pacific, in raising awareness of the influence project management has on the effectiveness of ICT investments, and has developed and taught both online subjects ACS CPe Program, and for ICT Programs at Australian Catholic University. FPMS, a consulting firm with a staff of 12 specialising in portfolio, program a nd project management, and has been active in the work of the Project Management institute.

  • Mike Bowern


    Dr Mike Bowern has made a distinguished contribution to the international ICT community through his research on professionalism and ethics. His readable articles in Information Age and other journals have made his work accessible to practitioners and students. This has provided a valuable resource in promoting professionalism to a new generation of ICT practitioners. In addition, he was part of a team which, in a world first, produced a practical open source electronic voting and vote counting system, used for ACT government elections.

  • Mary-Anne Williams


    Professor Mary-Anne Williams is a globally renowned robotics and knowledge engineer with a PhD in Computer Science and Masters in Law. A leading authority in artificial intelligence, she has trans disciplinary strengths in software engineering information systems, robotics, social and mobile computing, IP and privacy law. Her authoritative works have been adopted by government institutions and industry leaders including INFOSYS, IBM, Visual Risk, and Danmarks Nationalsbank. Mary-Anne has a passion for innovative, science, technology and engineering and has worked inte4rnationally. She holds senior roles at UTS, Stanford, the prestigious University of Science and Technology China, and the Australia Research Council. She established an Internship Program for Young Women and her work has been widely recognized in academic organizations.

  • Alexander Stefan


    Alex Stefan has made a significant contribution in the Public Safety and Security aspects of the ICT Industry Sector in Australia for over 20years. Whilst CIO of the Queensland Department of Emergency Services he was instrumental in establishing and implementing one of the largest ICT transformation programs which involved the IP network connecting over 600 ambulances, fire and rural fire facilities, Queensland’s first State-wide emergency response systems and Queensland’s largest radio and narrow band mobile data networks. Alex currently has oversight over Telstra’s Government and Public Safety and Security industry domain and has published various Telstra White Papers to inform Australia’s approach and broader aspirations about Community Safety and ICT. In recognition of his contribution Alex is a recipient of an Australia Day Medallion – a Ministerial Award – for his endeavor in transforming ICT in the Emergency Services domain and a Queensland Police Service Medal.

  • Lawrence Sparkes


    Lawrence Sparkes is an outstanding ICT professional leader in the Australian financial sector for his organisational development of sustainable ICT computing facilities within the context of power efficiency and carbon reduction. In recent years his contribution has included combining computer technology with building facility infrastructure which allowed one of Australia’s largest financial corporations to receive CEEDA (Certified Energy Efficient DataCentre) certification for its data centres, the first awarded in Australia. He has also received several Excellence Awards for his infrastructure work in data centres. During his 35 years in the Australian ICT industry Lawrence has also provided outstanding leadership in providing mentoring and coaching programs to young IT professionals through work experience and graduate programs while maintaining his working links within hislocal community. Hisleadership roles and achievementssupport his distinguished contribution to the Australian ICT industry.

  • James Owens


    Jim Owens has made a distinguished contribution to the ICT profession, through advancing the practice of Project Management within Australia and in international environments. He has established a website from his own intellectual property to support new Project Management practitioners, particularly students in developing countries with limited Australian Computer Society | Hall of Fame | 2018 Page 31 access to high-cost study material. Additionally, he has excelled in training and mentoring Project Managers and other emerging ICT professionals across Australia. Jim Owens has contributed to the international development of the Skills Framework for the Information Age from the standpoint of an Australian practitioner, calling on his experience of commended project delivery achievements.

  • Hung Nguyen


    Professor Hung Nguyen is a distinguished leader in ICT education in Australia with an outstanding research career. As an award winning engineer, he is internationally recognised for his development of leading edge medical technologies to improve the lives of those in need. His innovations include, a non-invasive continuous monitoring device for early detection of hypoglycaemia, a thought-controlled wheelchair straight out of science fiction that has the potential to transform the lives of the severely disabled,stealth-based early detection of breast cancer and a system for monitoring and preventing driver fatigue. His contributions have spanned partnerships with government, consultancies with industry, national university collaborations, and international research initiatives.

  • Richard Lucas


    Richard Lucas has provided exceptional and distinguished leadership in teaching and research in the field of information technology ethics. This can be seen in his introduction of technology ethics classes into ICT curricula at universities and TAFEs in Australia as well as institutions internationally. He has been invited to speak on information technology ethics overseas. He has spoken at ACS and other ICT industry conferences for a number of years on the topic of ethical professionalism. His outstanding contribution to research into information ethics consists of many publications in significant, internationally recognised, scholarly journals and in forthcoming books.

  • David Denham


    Davis was a pioneer in the use of IT to solve complex CAD, logistics and management problems. He changed the way defense looked at computing at a time when no one took computing seriously. To succeed, he had to change the way government purchased hardware, software and services, and working with senior Defense officers, found innovative ways to finance major IT projects. He has been involved in computing projects in Indonesia, China and Canada, and actively supported and promoted ACS for many years – initially as an employee of the ACS, and for the past 7 years as a member of the Gold Coast committee of the Queensland Branch of ACS.

  • Michelle Beveridge


    Michelle Beveridge has made a distinguished contribution to the ICT profession in Australia as a leader and senior manager, with particular emphasis on support for women in ICT,recognition ofthe high value of careers of women in ICT and development of programs to attract women and young people generally to those careers.