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ACS Industry Insights Series

Featuring Australian industry leaders sharing their technical expertise and insights on the latest disruption, innovations and step change solutions that are changing the Australian tech sector

Industry Insights series has been a highly valued feature of the ACS event calendar of several years, featuring Australian technology leaders. This hybrid event series, focusing on the technical advice, tech showcases, and insights that only leading tech professionals can provide, and which will prove to be a vital step towards successful growth and innovation in the tech ecosystem. With insights drawn from a diverse range of industries and sectors, Industry Insights have already provided many thousands of Australian tech professionals with a glimpse of what it takes to be a leader in today's technology environment. The series provides a platform for leaders and professionals to stay on top of emerging industry trends and share their knowledge to power Australia now and in the future.

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Past Events


ACS Industry Insights | Building and Sustaining Trust in Data

As Australia’s technology sector continues to grow, how we protect privacy and ensure data security is a concern to all tech professionals. The insights revealed by our speakers will go a long way to forming policies now and in the future.

ACS Industry Insights | The Reality and Dark Side of AI

Join us for an exciting Industry Insights event featuring Jason Blackman, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Carsales and esteemed recipient of the #2 spot on the 2022 CIO 50 list.

ACS Industry Insights | Diversity, Innovation and the Skills for Tech

The AFL is taking the sport to the next level with its latest innovation - the smart ball. With microchips embedded into the ball, coaches, players and fans can track its movement with centimetre-level accuracy.

Will AI make the world greener?

AI has the potential to make the world greener by enabling more efficient and sustainable use of resources. For example, AI technologies can help optimise energy consumption, reduce waste and improve environmental monitoring and management.


Can Cloud Technology become sustainable?

The move to Cloud technology results in fewer resources and reduced infrastructure, but a single data centre consumes enough energy to power about 50,000 households – is there potential for it to become sustainable?

How Coles defined its tech for an uncertain future

Hear from John Cox, CTO, Coles, sharing his insights and expertise about: Why transforming your business and technology from process to data-driven nudges, is becoming more effective

How to articulate the organisation's cyber risk priorities to your board

Organisations are facing a growing threat from cyber criminals, yet organisations are still hesitant to prioritise and invest further into uplifting their cyber security.

Strategies for Building a Successful Digital Transformation Framework

How the CTO of Salesforce Australia & NZ is seeing organisations successfully execute digital transformation and how he led the RBA's successful digital transformation


Driving Sustainability by Decarbonising Digital Transformation

Australia will achieve net zero by 2050. That’s the Australian government’s promise but it impacts every business and every professional in the tech industry.

The Risk of Authenticity and Trust with Remote Working

Join us in the upcoming Industry Insights Leaders Series event as we feature Daniel Pludek, CTO, Kip McGrath Education Centres. Daniel will be sharing his insights about understanding risk, cyber security.


Chris Venter, CTO, REA Group, taking a deep dive into improved ways of working. With organisations forced to rapidly prioritise digital enablement, how can you optimise its success for your people

Data sharing in trusted frameworks

The Hon. Victor Dominello, MP and Dr Ian Opperman, NSW Chief Data Scientist and ACS President discuss and highlight the collaborative work being pioneered through the Data Sharing Frameworks series.


Checking the pulse of your company through digital transformation

John Taylor, CIO, Medhealth Group, will be joined by ACS VIC Chair Jo Dalvean to dive into the evolution of work culture and effective leadership through adversity and change.

Finding the commercial value of your data

Jonathan Rubensztein, CEO & Managing Director, Infomedia will deep dive into commercialisation of data while sharing his experience from Infomedia.

Rethinking Technical Leadership to Drive the Digital Transformation Excellence

Angela Coble will be joined by Dr Ian Oppermann, to share insights from world-first research into the leadership requirements of the future.

People to Data and Everything in Between

Join us for a fireside chat with Craig Penfold, CTO, Rome2Rio, discussing how to lead a culture of innovation with data.


ACS Industry Insights | Ethics in AI and what this means for the future of innovation

Join our panel of experts as they discuss the importance of correct governance and ethics in AI.

ACS Industry Insights | Looking to the future with Smart Cities

Hear from our panel of experts as they discuss what is required to create a smart city and place.

ACS Industry Insights | Dan Chesterman

Hear from Dan Chesterman, CIO, ASX as he provides insights about shaping the economy through digital transformation from his experiences with building and transforming teams.

ACS Industry Insights Leaders Series | Ajay Bhatia

24th Sep 2020 - Ajay Bhatia, Managing Director, Carsales Australia, will expand on his learnings on how businesses can foster innovation through effective management in a time of disruption.


ACS Industry Insights Leaders Series | Mikaela Jade

30th Jul 2020 - Mikaela Jade, Founder of Indigital, will share her insights on how to provide a meaningful pathway for Indigenous people into the digital economy and how to move the needle on diversity.

ACS Industry Insights Leaders Series | David Thodey

23rd Jul 2020 - David Thodey will explain how to create innovation as a way of behaving within a large corporation laying bare the positives and negatives of the process from idea to product.

ACS Industry Insights Leaders Series | Sarah McCullough

16th Jul 2020 - Essential Energy's Chief Information Officer Sarah McCullough shares her mentorship methods, experience in cyber security and vision of the ICT Industry.

ACS industry insights leaders series | Wayne baskin

9th Jul 2020 - Wayne Baskin, Chief Technology Officer, Booktopia will present the journey of a $130 million online business, using data and focusing on customers.


ACS Industry Insights Leaders Series | Philip Argy, Edward Mandla

2nd Jul 2020 - Philip Argy, Consulting Principal at Keypoint Law and Edward Mandla, General Manager, Mandlason Search will discuss the role of the startup ecosystem in Australia’s recovery post COVID-19.

ACS Industry Insights Leaders Series | Bob Hennessy

25th Jun 2020 - CIO Bob Hennessy will cover how Lendlease is focused on leveraging emerging technologies to unlock value for their customers, industry, environment and community.

ACS Industry Insights Leaders Series | Adam Schuck

18th Jun 2020 - Hear from Canva's Director of Engineering Adam Schuck as he uncovers lessons learned and shares actionable insights on how best to work in a distributed team.

ACS Industry Insights Leaders Series | Steve Vamos

4th Jun 2020 - Steve is the CEO of ASX-listed tech giant Xero, where he leads the business’s growth and performance.


ACS Industry Insights Leaders Series | Rod van Onselen

21st May 2020 - Rod is the Chief Transformation & Digital Officer at Origin Energy who is responsible for transforming Origin into a global leader in digital energy retailing.

ACS Industry Insights Leaders Series | Matt Pancino

14th May 2020 - Former CTO of CBA Matt Pancino will be discussing the state of play of the financial sector and its use of cloud technologies.

ACS Industry Insights Leaders Series | Stevan Premutico

7th May 2020 - One of Australia’s leading tech entrepreneurs, in the middle of the GFC Stevan conceptualised Dimmi on the back of a napkin and went on to revolutionise the Aussie restaurant industry.

ACS Industry Insights Leaders Series | Sam Mostyn

30th Apr 2020 - Sam Mostyn is a non-executive director and sustainability adviser, with a long history of sports governance.


ACS Industry Insights | Michael Priddis

Learn from Mike Priddis, the CEO and founder of Faethm, a fast-growth scale up SaaS AI platform that is the world's data source for the Evolution of Work.

ACS Industry Insights | Ajay Bhatia

Learn from Ajay Bhatia, Managing Director of Consumer Business at How his team is strengthening their market position with advances in data science and artificial intelligence.

ACS Industry Insights | Kumar Parakala

Learn from Kumar Parakala, Global Digital Leader at GHD. Kumar’s team consults on digital strategy and transformation, smart technology services, cybersecurity and risk and data and analytics.

ACS Industry Insights | Simon Moorfield

Hear Simon Moorfield, Executive General Manager Information Systems and Technology at AGL share industry insights on digital strategy, the future of tech firms and why diversity brings perspective.



ACS Industry Insights | John Banks

Watch and learn as John Banks, Business Unit Director at Micro Focus, shares industry insights on executing organisational services at high velocity in a continuously trending ICT market.

ACS Industry Insights | Sarah Adam-Gedge

Watch and learn as Sarah Adam-Gedge, Managing Director of Avanade Australia shares insights on building a knowledge economy and the underlying drivers of a great customer experience.

ACS Industry Insights | Peter James

Gain insights from Peter James' executive and board experience across emerging tech, digital disruption, ecommerce and media with a focus on building high performance, customer-focused teams.

ACS Industry Insights | Richard White

Learn from Richard White's experience building a global software firm and category leader within the logistics industry which has a market capitalisation of $3 billion.


ACS Industry Insights | Caroline Buchanan

ACS Millennial Ambassador, Caroline Buchanan - Olympian, world-champion BMX rider, social media influencer and digital producer discusses embracing cutting-edge technology.

ACS Industry Insights | Karen Borg

Karen Borg, CEO of Jobs for NSW reflects on her experience in international leadership and business transformation for mature and emerging markets in our second episode of Industry Insights.

ACS Industry Insights | Robert Hillard

Robert Hillard has contributed to ICT for more than 25 years. Now Managing Partner of Consulting at Deloitte Australia, an organisation of more that 2,500 professionals.

ACS Industry Insights | Michael Malone

ACS CEO, Andrew Johnson has an in-depth conversation with a genuine pioneer of the internet in Australia, Michael Malone in the first episode of the Industry Insights series.