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ACS Professional Standards Scheme

New ACS scheme to strengthen the ICT profession – open for comment

Professional Standards Scheme

(See below to join current scheme – note current scheme expires on 31 December 2018)

ACS's Professional Standards Scheme provides legal recognition of ICT as a profession for the first time. This is a step forward as it identifies ICT workers as professionals on the same level as engineers, solicitors and accountants.

These schemes that are approved by the Professional Standards Councils are a part of Federal and State legislation and protect members of recognised occupational associations by limiting liability.

For applicable ACS members, liability can be limited to $1.5 million. ACS Certified Professionals (CPs) who meet the criteria and hold the requisite insurances are entitled to this protection.

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Benefits of the scheme 

  • Increased personal protection - occupational liability is limited to $1.5 million which means members assets are protected.

  • Improved professional standards - the Professional Standards Scheme requires members to comply with high standards of quality assurance, risk management practices, disciplinary procedures and professional development ensuring participants are high calibre.

  • Market reassurance - clients and employers are reassured that participating members are focused on the highest professional standards and risk mitigation practices are in place. 


ACS Professional Standards Scheme Application Form