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About ACS

ACS is the professional association and largest community for Australia’s technology professionals, with 47,000+ members across business, government and education. As the trusted leader in the tech sector, we work to accelerate the growth of diverse and highly skilled technology professionals, equipping them with the right skills and knowledge to power Australia. Now and in the future.

About ACS

Powering Australia’s technology brilliance 

ACS champions the technologies, people and skills critical to Australia’s future. We create value for our members, the tech community and society in four ways: 




We foster an innovative and inclusive community that is dedicated to powering positive change through technology.  







Event attendees a year




We set the standard for assessing, developing and recognising the skills and experience of technology professionals.  



Learning Accelerator unique users 




Digital resources




We create career pathways to guide technology professionals and ensure Australia has a pipeline of talent with the right skills and knowledge. 



Accredited universities




CPD hours uploaded 




We assess and support skilled technology migrants to address critical skills shortages, improve diversity and enrich Australia’s workforce.



Skilled migrant applicants/past 12 months



ACS Professional Year graduates/past 12 months


Powering Australia’s tech community

600+ events per year 


From skills workshops and masterclasses to inspiring speeches from thought leaders, ACS events bring together diverse groups with shared interests to grow a thriving tech community.  


Mentoring to grow tech talent 


The ACS mentoring program connects experienced tech professionals with those looking to accelerate their tech careers.  


ACS branches  


Your local ACS branch fosters community, providing ACS members with resources and opportunities to network and stay on the frontline of emerging technologies.   


ACS Technology and Innovation Hubs 


ACS branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra also offer Technology and Innovation Hubs – high-tech collaboration spaces for the exclusive use of ACS members. 


Powering Australia’s technology standards 


Preparing tech teams for what’s coming 


Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) is the internationally recognised benchmark for tech skills. Our SFIA Accredited Assessors can assess, validate and plan the development of your tech professionals.  


Proving competencies with ACS Certifications  


ACS offers Certified Technologist (CT) and Certified Professional (CP) certifications with specialisms in cybersecurity and safety-critical systems. These certifications offer an independent and unbiased assessment of competencies benchmarked against SFIA.


Did you know? ACS Certified Professionals (CPs) consistently earn more than those holding vendor certifications alone*. 


*ACS Employment survey data


ACS Learning Accelerator 


Enhance skills, earn certifications and keep knowledge up to date with 44,000+ digital resources exclusively for ACS members. 




Gain digital badges that signal your competencies to current and future employers.  


ACS Trust Mark® – proof of service quality 


The ACS Trust Mark® is a register of tech services providers. ACS Trust Mark® is proof that your business can manage digital transformation projects for clients.


Professional Partner Program (PPP) 


Take advantage of bespoke professional development plans to strengthen your entire tech team and your reputation.  


Powering Australia’s technology professionals 


Pinpoint skills and development needs with mySFIA 


Profile and assess your current skills (or those of your workforce) with mySFIA. This customised tool helps ACS members recognise areas for career development and stay ahead of the curve.  


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) 


ACS encourages all members to advance their professional standing by completing CPD hours each year and provides a host a resources to assist. 


Developing leadership 


The ACS Industry Insights Leaders Series featuring well known Australian technology figures shows what it takes to be a leader in today's technology environment.  


Elevating the stature of the tech profession 


As the trusted leader of the tech sector, ACS sets the standards that strengthen the tech profession. Through the ACS Professional Standards scheme all ACS CP members enjoy professional recognition from Australian federal, state and territory governments. 


Migration – powering Australia’s skills pipeline 


ACS Migration Skills Assessment


The Australian government has charged ACS to undertake all skills assessments for the purposes of skilled migration to Australia. ACS assesses and supports high skilled technology migrants to address the skills shortage and power Australia's future growth. 


ACS Professional Year   


This ACS job-readiness program for overseas students bridges the gap between full-time study and employment, helping fill gaps in Australia’s tech sector. 

Learning, computer and training business interns in night office with manager, boss and leadership help. Men with technology planning ideas, kpi strategy and marketing innovation vision with mentor

ACS Guide to IT Professions 2022 

Produced exclusively for ACS members, the ACS Guide to IT Professions 2022 highlights the expanding roles, the skills in demand and the wages offered in Australia's booming tech sector.