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ACS Technology and Innovation Hubs

Digitally enabled spaces where tech professionals can come together to connect, collaborate and innovate.

ACS Technology and Innovation Hubs

High tech collaboration spaces for the exclusive use of ACS members


As part of our mission to foster a thriving tech community, ACS is proud to offer our members unique Technology and Innovation Hubs in the hearts of Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.


These digitally equipped spaces provide a place you can drop into between meetings and:

  • Work from one of the various pods, desks or lounge areas 
  • Connect with other like-minded professionals and other ACS members  
  • Invite guests or booking meeting rooms (if eligible)

  • Charge your laptop or device  



Visit your local ACS Hub


Location: International Tower One, Barangaroo 

Opened: 12 April 2018 by Federal Treasurer, the Hon. Scott Morrison MP


The Sydney Technology and Innovation Hub is housed in what is regarded as the best commercial building in Sydney. International Tower One is a 6-star Green Star-rated building. International Towers is 100% carbon neutral, sends net zero waste to landfill and recycles its water for reuse. When using the Hub’s facilities, you will be contributing to an eco-friendly environment.

Location: The Hub, Level 5/200 Adelaide Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Opened: 2018, within River City Labs 

River City Labs and ACS are located at The Hub, 200 Adelaide Street, a thriving innovative co-working office conveniently located in the heart of the Brisbane CBD.


ACS Members can access casual use of The Hub Facilities, on a fair use basis. River City Labs and ACS Members have the opportunity to co-locate at the Hub at exclusive rates or convene for local community and member events.

Location: 839 Collins St, Melbourne 

Opened: 5 July 2019 by the Hon. Jane Garrett MP, Victoria’s Parliamentary Secretary for Jobs


The Melbourne Technology and Innovation Hub is a modern, digitally enabled facility with sweeping views of the Yarra River. It houses the ACS VIC branch and is a key driver of partnerships for Victoria’s growing tech community. Our Melbourne Hub uses only natural cleaning products and hand soaps proudly provided by an indigenous supplier.

Location: Level 5, 64 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra 

Opened: December 2023 by Chris Steel MLA, ACT Minister for Skills, and Special Minister of State (Digital & Data)


The Canberra Hub is the meeting place for Canberra’s technology community. With a multi-functional space, the Hub serves as a venue for grass-roots tech meet-up groups, a collaboration space, and a place for tech professionals to meet and network. 


ACS Hubs are open to ACS members from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm weekdays, excluding public holidays.


Frequently asked questions


Professional Partner Program (PPP) members: 

Please contact your account manager to arrange Hub access.


All other members: 


Melbourne & Sydney
  • Show your current ACS digital membership card to the concierge staff in the ground floor lobby where you will be issued with an access card (to access your digital membership card please login to the member portal).  

  • Use your access card to pass through the security gates – the specific lift to take will then be confirmed on the gate’s LED panel and audibly


  • Take the lift to Level 6 and see Hub Australia Reception staff.
  • Show your current ACS digital membership card to the reception staff, who will provide you with a day pass.

  • Please take the lift to Level 5 and head straight on into Suite 3


If your membership card has expired, please contact member.services@acs.org.au

That depends on your membership level. Only certain members are eligible to book a meeting room, or access other privileges, as follows:


Membership types and privileges  


Bronze members
  • Members

  • Senior Members

  • Honorary Members

  • Associate Members 

  • Skills Applicants

  • Honorary Fellows

  • Professional Year Members

  • Students & Subscribers

Free Wi-Fi 

Guest access +1

Silver members
  • Certified Professionals

  •  Certified Technologists

  • Fellows

Free Wi-Fi 

Guest access + 2 
Meeting rooms (2 hrs per month) 
Printing (10 pages per day)

Gold members
  • Elected Members 

  • Honorary Life members

  • Past Presidents

Free Wi-Fi 

Guest access + 3 
Meeting rooms  


Please note: all member levels are subject to monitoring and an 'acceptable' or 'fair' level of use to not monopolise the services or disadvantage fellow ACS Members.


If you would like to know how you can increase your membership level – please contact our Member Services Team: Tel: +61 (02) 9299 3666 or Email: member.services@acs.org.au

Melbourne & Sydney

  1. Email melbourne.hubteam@acs.org.au (Melbourne),  or sydney.hubteam@acs.org.au (Sydney):
    • Include your full name, Membership Type and Number, email address and mobile number
    • Indicate your guest(s) full name, email address, mobile number and ETA
  2. Our Hub Team will register your guest with the building’s concierge team. 

  3. Let your guest know to go to concierge desk on the ground floor lobby to collect their access pass upon arrival.


Brisbane & Canberra

  1. Email acs.qld@acs.org.au (Brisbane) or acs.canb@acs.org.au (Canberra)
    • Include your full name, Membership Type and Number, email address and mobile number
    • Indicate your guest(s) full name, email address, mobile number and ETA
  2. Our Hub Team will register your guest.


Friendly Reminder:


Sydney guest(s) please return your access card(s) to the repositories on the ground floor lobby in Sydney.


Melbourne guest(s) please return your access card(s) to the ACS Concierge desk on level 14, then push the exit button at the turnstile gates to exit the building,

Professional Partner Program (PPP) members: 

Please contact your account manager to arrange meeting room and Hub access. Please remember to provide details of the guest(s) who are attending your meeting as they will need to be registered with the concierge.


All other members:

Complete the Meeting Room Booking Form for our Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra Hubs.

  • Provide your full name, Membership Type & Number, email address and mobile number

  • Confirm the date, time, duration and expected number of guests for your meeting

  • Our Hub Teams will send you a confirmation email confirming the booking and the applicable meeting room number 

  • Remember, you still need to have any guests who are attending your meeting registered with Concierge via sydney.hubteam@acs.org.au (Sydney), melbourne.hubteam@acs.org.au (Melbourne), or acs.canb@acs.org.au (Canberra)

  • Meeting Room Bookings will depend on availability & eligibility

  • Meeting room bookings are subject to our fair use policy.

  • Standard covid-19 precautions should be taken when visiting the hubs such as hand hygiene & social distancing where possible. 

Our friendly staff and Hub teams are here to help. Please look out for them in the Hubs or email us at:

The dress code at the Hub is ‘business casual’ – a more relaxed, yet professional dress code.

  1. FAIR USE POLICY: The Hubs are for ACS members to use strictly in accordance with the specific access their membership provides them. So as not to impact other members’ use of the Hubs, we reserve the right to restrict access if you exceed your usage rights. ACS members can use River City Labs (RCL) for a maximum of 2-days per calendar month (non-accumulative) with no hourly cap. Gold members with ‘unlimited’ usage rights: please note usage is monitored and an 'acceptable' or 'fair' level of use policy applies so as not to disadvantage your fellow members.
  2. By using our facilities, you and your guests agree to be bound by any terms and conditions contained herein or published from time to time, including via signage. You can read through the terms when you sign in.
  3. Any guest or access passes issued are the property of ACS and must only be used by the guest to whom they are registered and must be returned at the end of each visit or on demand, otherwise the card will be cancelled and a $50.00 replacement fee will be charged to the host member.
  4. In the event of loss, theft or unauthorised use of any issued access pass issued to you or your guest(s) it is your responsibility to immediately advise ACS via email (acs.qld@acs.org.au, melbourne.hubteam@acs.org.au, or sydney.hubteam@acs.org.au) of such loss so that the access pass may be cancelled. 
  5. When visiting our facilities, please dispose of your waste in accordance with the signage posted to assist us in maintaining our recycling goals. Please also assist in keeping our spaces clean and tidy by placing any used crockery, cups, glasses or dishes in the dishwashers provided.
  6. We have trained first aid members on staff as well as first aid kits and a defibrillator. Please ask any ACS staff member for help if anyone is in need of assistance.
  7. We have trained emergency wardens on staff to support you in the event of an emergency. Please follow their instructions at all times.
  8. If you see an incident or perceive a hazard, please tell an ACS staff member or report it to: acs.qld@acs.org.au (Brisbane), melbourne.hubteam@acs.org.au (Melbourne), or sydney.hubteam@acs.org.au (Sydney) 
  9. Please note: no bicycles, gym or cyclewear are to be brought through or worn within the Hubs.
  10. ACS and the Technology and Innovation Hubs are non-smoking environments.

  11. In the instance of an outbreak, ACS reserves the right to immediately close access to the Hubs to ensure the protection of our staff, volunteers and members.