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ACS Migration Skills Assessment


ACS is authorised to assess the skills and qualifications of IT and Data Science professionals on behalf of the Australian Government.


Important update: New ACS Migration Skills Assessment launches March 2024.


New applicants 


A new streamlined application process will launch March 2024. Want to apply now? Lodge your assessment and all required evidence no later than midnight AEDT, Monday 18 March 2024.


Existing applicants 


If you have an active ACS Skills Assessment, please consider the recommendations to progress your application.



Migration agents


Discover a better applicant experience that helps you enhance your migration services.




Existing applicants


If you have an active ACS Skills Assessment, to progress your application please consider the recommendations below:


Recommendation 1:

You have started your application but have not yet paid the application fee.


You need to: 

Finalise your application and pay by midnight AEDT, Monday 18 March 2024. 


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Recommendation 2:

You have submitted and paid for your assessment application and are awaiting an outcome letter.


You don’t need to do anything.  

Just wait for your outcome letter. 


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Recommendation 3:


You are planning to reapply


If you are planning to reapply, you should follow the new application process, launching March 2024.


The new ACS Migration Skills Assessment portal will deliver: 


Faster outcomes

Benefit from faster processing times and decisions in as little as 15 days.

More options

Apply for up to three ANZSCO codes at once for one fixed price.

Greater clarity

Experience greater guidance to increase the odds of a ‘right first time’ application.

Instant updates

Track application status on a new easy-to-use applicant dashboard.

Help and support if you need it


Applicant briefing sessions 


To register, please visit the events page and select the category ‘Migration Skills Assessment’.


For ongoing support and queries, please contact our Member Services team on +61 2 9299 3666 or at member.services@acs.org.au