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Telephone : +61 [0]2 6143 5503


Suites 8 - 9,
Royal Life Saving House
Level 1,
26 Napier Close,
Deakin ACT 2600


Suites 8 - 9,
Royal Life Saving House
Level 1,
26 Napier Close,
Deakin ACT 2600


Room Hire

The ACS Canberra Branch has a meeting boardroom suited to meetings, gatherings and Special Interest Group (SIG) of up to 15 members. It is available free of charge to members and affiliated organisations, and it is conveniently located in “Life Saving House, Deakin” with three free parking spots during the day and after 5pm free parking off street.

We offer exclusive services to members including free Wi-Fi access and significant discounts on board room and office hire when you book for half day, full day and evening hire, along with access to office facilities and catering.

Contact the office for more information about our Rates and Services on (02) 6143 5503 or e-mail to enquire about availability or to make a booking.


ACS Fellows and Mentoring

The Canberra Branch coordinates a mentor scheme whereby tertiary computing students can informally network with experienced professionals in areas which are of particular interest to them. Mentors are available to provide information to current and future ACS members and others with a more general interest in ICT.

For more information on the mentor scheme, contact us at or call (02) 6143 5503.

Mentoring Program

The ACS supports the mentoring relationship through the provision of this program as a means to support entry, retention and progression of future ICT Leaders and Professional Specialists.

The mentoring program is a structured program which will allow ACS Mentors to provide the benefit of their professional and real world experience to Mentees, for instance MACS CP’s working with members who are Associates to becoming MACS CP. contact us at for more information.



Mirela Ramic photo

Mrs Mirela Ramic

Canberra Branch Manager

Mrs Jenalle Bushby MACS CT

Member Services & Events Manager

Mrs Lisa Syrek AACS

L & D Consultant


Mr Michael Hawkins MACS CP


Mr Kevin Landale MACS CP

Vice Chair

Mr Jeffory Mitchell MACS (Snr) CP


Mr Doug Hill MACS CP


Ms Anant Vima MACS CT

BEC Member

Mr Martin Comans MACS CP

BEC Member

Shefali Sehgal AACS

BEC Member

Juliette Major AACS

BEC Member

Manik Mahajan AACS

BEC Member

Mr Michael Tuite MACS (Snr) CP

BEC Member

Mr Peter O'Halloran MACS (Snr) CP

BEC Member

Rama Rao Vadlamudi AACS

BEC Member

Chakradhar Ravinuthala MACS

BEC Member

Rosemary Macdonald AACS

BEC Member

Dr Tim Turner FACS CP

Immediate Past Chair