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The Professional Year Program (PYear) is a job-readiness program that bridges the gap between full-time study and professional employment in Australia.

Professional Year Program

ACS's PYear Program gives international ICT graduates from Australian teritary providers the practical job skills and training needed to enhance their career prospects. A practical pathway from university to employment, PYear ensures that graduates are job-ready.

Graduates may claim five (5) points under an eligible skilled occupation

Completion of this program may provide the PYear graduate with five (5) points under an eligible skilled occupation, as specified by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

Securing your first job (or interview) after graduation can be challenging. The Australian job market is extremely competitive, but the ACS PYear Program can help you stand out by:

  • enhancing your understanding of the Australian workforce
  • providing an industry-relevant internship placement
  • building your professional network for future employment.

The PYear Program aims to increase the employability skills of international graduates in order to address Australia’s skills shortages in nominated ICT occupations. Upon successful completion of the program, participants may be awarded five (5) points toward skilled migration under an eligible skilled occupation.


Contact our PYear Accredited Providers for further information and to enroll.

Academy IT
Australian Technical & Management College
Education Centre Australia
Indus Institute
Monash Professional Pathways
NIT Australia
Performance Education
Stanley College
The William Light Institute


  • Arnold Solanki

    Thanks to the Professional Year Program, I have been able to meet different people in class and at ACS events, which were great opportunities to expand my professional network. I feel much more confident in exploring new ventures now which has enabled me to excel at my work and get my dream job at IBM.

  • Wagar Ul-Hassan

    For international students, I would highly recommend this course because it improves your communication skills, confidence, and it will teach you the required skills that you need to work in the Australian workplace culture.

  • Jaskaran

    The Professional Year Program was a foot-in-the-door in my field of work. It taught us about project management, team work, and how to behave in the Australian workplace.

  • Jahan Zeb

    The Professional Year gives you an opportunity to develop those soft skills that you apply to any job you join. You get to make a professional resume and learn job hunting and interview skills that help you survive in the competitive and ever-changing Australian job market. You also get to know people and make friends that might be for a lifetime. Thank you so much for giving me such a nice experience and readiness to step into the Australian workforce.

  • Kaixi Zhang

    The course structure and materials are well organised, it built my industry connections, and I learnt a lot regarding the hard and soft skills with the help of my host company, colleagues, PY students and instructors.

  • Suvro Paul

    This PY course has helped me enhance my communication and workplace relationship skills to the fullest and it has helped me secure another job with another company. Being an international student, it has always been hard for me to understand the workplace culture and relationship, and after completing this course, I can truly say that I am more confident in my communication and have a clear idea about workplace culture.



For further information, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or contact the ACS Education Team at +61 03 9249 6707 or toll free at 1800 671 003, or

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