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ACS Professional Year

The ACS Professional Year in IT is a job-readiness program that bridges the gap between full-time study and employment in Australia’s tech sector.

ACS Professional Year

Accelerate your future success


As part of the ACS Professional Year (PY), you’ll receive support to further your tech career and your pathway to permanent residency in Australia. The ACS Professional Year will help your experience, and your self-confidence.




Guaranteed internship to build your resume and professional network


The ACS Professional Year includes a guaranteed internship and the opportunity to build your experience and professional network. You’ll receive support throughout your internship and, potentially, a valuable reference from your employer, which will help set you apart in Australia’s competitive tech job market.




More connections, greater opportunities


As part of the ACS Professional Year, you’ll study alongside others who share similar challenges and ambitions, creating a network to support you throughout your career journey. What's more, you'll build valuable connections working with trainers, IT professionals, and industry mentors throughout your internship.


ACS Professional Year in IT includes:


ACS is appointed by the Department of Home Affairs to provide the ACS Professional Year in IT.

  • 32-week classroom-based work-readiness training (8 hrs/week)
  • 13-week online mentorship and IT skills development journey
  • 12-week local IT internship

  • Complimentary ACS Membership

Graduates of the ACS Professional Year in IT may be able to claim 5 points toward their skilled migration under an eligible IT skilled occupation.



Arnold Solanki

Thanks to the ACS Professional Year, I have been able to meet different people in the class and at ACS events, which were great opportunities to expand my professional network. I feel much more confident in exploring new ventures now, enabling me to excel at my work and get my dream job at IBM.


Kaixi Zhang


The course structure and materials are well organised, it built my industry connections, and I learned a lot regarding hard and soft skills with the help of my host company, colleagues, students, and instructors.


Wagar Ul-Hassan


For international students, I highly recommend this course because it improves your communication skills and confidence, and it will teach you the required skills that you need to work in the Australian workplace culture.

Accredited Education Providers


Entry requirements


If you would like to enrol in the ACS Professional Year in IT, you must:

  1. Hold a valid passport and visa that allows for full work and study rights (visa must be valid or 365 days from the date of Professional Year commencement)
  2. Complete an IT-related bachelor's or higher degree from an Australian tertiary institution
  3. Meet the Australian Study Requirement (ASR)
  4. Complete an English language test within the past three years that demonstrates DoHA's Competent English (e.g. IELTS 6.0 or higher in all bands)

  5. Complete an application interview with an accredited education provider


Key Learning Outcomes
Delivered by
Key Learning Outcomes
Delivered by
ACS Online Orientation
Learn about: 1. Program requirements and outcomes 2. Online course components 3. Your ACS membership benefits
Self-paced online and Day1 in class
ACS and accredited provider
Communication and Performance in the Workplace
An introduction to Australian workplace culture, including: 1. Teamwork 2. Meetings and negotiating 3. Preparing presentations 4. Engaging effectively with colleagues, management and clients
32 Weeks (250 Hrs)
Accredited provider
Entry and Advancement in the Australian Workplace
Learn how to: 1. Build and use a professional network to discover job opportunities 2. Stand out by preparing your resume, cover letters and interview skills
w/ above
Accredited provider
ACS Professional Year in IT Internship
Put what you’ve learned into practice. 1. Enhance your practical and interpersonal skills 2. Gain confidence and valuable contacts
Minimum 12 weeks
At an Australian company. Arranged by an accredited provider
Online Professional Environments
1. An ACS mentor will help you reflect on your internship and identify a professional pathway to achieve your tech career goals. 2. Live group discussions cover tech industry news, emerging technologies and skills, and more
13 Weeks during Internship
Delivered by ACS

Frequently Asked Questions


Fees are set by our accredited providers, who can provide more information on course start dates, fee structure, internship placements and more. ACS recommends you contact all providers in your area and request information to make an informed decision before enrolling.

No. The ACS Professional Year is an option for those who wish to gain points toward skilled migration. The Professional Year is equivalent to one year of relevant work experience when undertaking skills assessment for migration.

ACS is the only professional body endorsed by the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) to provide the Professional Year in IT.

Yes, there are professional year programs for both accounting and engineering streams. Please refer to the appropriate industry body for more details.

No, but a person who completes the ACS Professional Year may be awarded five (5) points under an eligible skilled occupation. The ACS Professional Year is the only professional year program in IT specified by the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA).

Yes, the ACS Professional Year in IT is available throughout Australia. Participants may elect to relocate to undertake the program, but they do so at their discretion and expense.

No, RPL is not available for any component of the ACS Professional Year in IT.

No. The ACS Professional Year aims to prepare recent IT graduates with the skills required for a career in Australia. It does not guarantee job placement.

Program delivery allows for time to work and study during course delivery (generally one day per week). Talk to education providers in your area to learn more about class schedules and potential internship arrangements.

ACS asks that all interested organisations read the following ACS Provider Accreditation Manual. There you will find information on the next steps and who to contact should you wish to apply for accreditation.


Policies and Forms


Current ACS Professional Year participants may utilise the policies and forms below when navigating the ACS Professional Year. Each document is available to download.


Accredited Providers and Locations

Contact our PYear Accredited Providers for further information and to enroll.

We’re here to help


If you have questions or require any further information, contact us now at professionalyear@acs.org.au


Gain a clear migration path

As an international student with ambitions to live and work in tech in Australia, you’ll know migration rules and requirements change all the time. Our Migration Pathway webinar series is a chance to learn about current trends, ask the experts, and get the clarity you need.