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ACS accreditation of higher education

ACS-accredited universities and higher education colleges provide high-quality, industry-recognised courses and qualifications.

ACS accredition program

Why students choose ACS-accredited higher education


Assured quality


ACS is the official accrediting body for the IT sector in Australia. ACS-accredited tertiary courses and study programs provide assured quality education for students with ambitions of a tech career.



Industry-ready graduates


ACS evaluates higher education institutions and only awards ACS accreditation to organisations with the capacity to produce graduates with the skills and knowledge required by Australia’s tech industry.



Trusted by the government and employers


With over 47,000 members across business, government and education, ACS is the trusted leader of the tech industry in Australia.


At ACS, we assess and validate the skills and knowledge of tech professionals to provide ACS certifications, which set the standards for employers.


We are also appointed by the Australian government to run the migration skills assessment for the IT industry.


Our standards for accreditation are recognised internationally by signatories of the Seoul Accord.



Support for higher education institutions


Universities and colleges providing tertiary education can apply to ACS for accreditation.


At ACS, we review our standards and accreditation processes each year and guide all education providers considering an application, which is available to download. We publish an annual report highlighting issues and interesting facts built on data from accreditation outcomes.


The 2024 Accreditation Update Report is now available. 


The ACS accreditation scheme

The ACS Professional Standards Platform provides a coherent foundation for several ACS standards-based schemes, including Accreditation. 


ACS accreditation documents


The accreditation scheme is designed around the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF), the Higher Education Standards Framework (HESF), the international Seoul Accord, national and international Skills Framework and a range of ICT Disciplinary Bodies of Knowledge.


The accreditation scheme is aligned with international standards for accrediting bodies, the International Professional Practice Partnership (IFIP IP3) and Professions Australia.


Download key accreditation documents here.


The benefits of ACS membership

All IT students can apply for ACS membership at a discounted rate. The annual membership provides students with access to over 600 networking events each year, exclusive publications and a huge online library of professional development resources.


Ethics Education Program

ACS offers resources on professional ethics to help build knowledge and awareness in the current and emerging ethical issues within Information Technology landscape