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Workforce planning and development

Upskill and futureproof your organisation with agility and efficiency. Get the help you need to develop an exceptional tech workforce, with an end-to-end approach that takes the heavy lifting of workforce planning and development off your hands while delivering continuous skills improvement.

Workforce planning and development

ACS is a leading training partner for Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) in Australia.    


Strategic upskilling made easy

When it comes to workforce planning and development the biggest challenge can be where to begin. ACS SFIA Accredited Consultants will profile your workforce’s current tech skills and identify areas for upskilling. They can also help you build the business case for your training investment. 


A supported process to make your job simple


To help you deliver an exceptional tech team, your ACS team can provide:

     o     SFIA Skills Job Role Profiling/Position Description development

     o     SFIA Self-Assessments

     o     SFIA Skills Validation

     o     SFIA Skills Analysis and Professional Development Plans


Helping you build a continuous learning culture


To facilitate your workforce planning and development process, ACS workforce development consultants liaise with your HR and tech team managers. They can also coach your tech leaders on how to encourage a culture of continuous skills development. 



Pinpoint skills and highlight development needs with mySFIA 

As an official licensed SFIA partner, ACS has developed mySFIA, a customised tool to help ACS members assess their workforce’s skills and competencies.


mySFIA provides tech skill audits including skills by job role, person, work team and workforce, allowing you to assess your team’s current skills and identify gaps. This allows you to capture the proficiency of technical and professional skills and easily identify where skills gaps may exist. 


For more details contact our Workforce Development Team at +61 2 9299 3666 or sfia.skills@acs.org.au


Bespoke professional development solutions 


Get the specific support you need to build the technology team your business needs, with world class professional development solutions tailored to your exact requirements.


Futureproof your organisation with workforce planning and development made simple.

For more details contact our Workforce Development Team at +61 2 9299 3666 or sfia.skills@acs.org.au.