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ACS has undertaken skills assessments of over 150,000 ICT professionals making us Australia’s leading accredited Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) training and consultancy partner.

When it comes to accurately identifying the required skills of a workplace, it can be far from being a straightforward task. 

At ACS we can help by offering strategic solutions to your workforce planning such as:

  • providing the interface between HR functions and the technical and management skills of ICT units
  • establishing your skills baseline
  • working with you to identify the skills your organisation will need in the future
  • identifying options to take you from where you are today, to where you wish to be in three, five and 10 years
  • understanding the required investment
  • building the case for change

ACS’ national infrastructure and extensive network of Accredited SFIA Consultants makes us best placed to support your organisation’s ICT workers establish professional benchmarks.  

Our unique mySFIA tool will help you achieve agility and optimal project management efficiency while our exclusive SFIA solutions provide a holistic approach to the development of your ICT professionals.  

Our Workforce Development and Planning solutions include: 

  • skills profiling
  • establishing a skills baseline
  • identifying training and professional development opportunities
  • coaching people leaders to drive a robust skills development process with staff

mySFIA also provides management reporting on ICT skill audits including skills by; job role, person, work team and workforce. This allows you to capture the proficiency of technical and professional skills and easily identify where skills gaps may exist. 

For more details contact our Workforce Development Team on +61 (0)2 9299 3666 or