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The Professional Partner Program (PPP) is designed to support employers and/or organisations with a holistic approach to the professional and practical development of current staff and future ICT professionals and leaders.

ACS offers organisations access for their staff or representatives to join ACS as members of a group arrangement known as the Professional Partnership Program (PPP).

Over 300 organisations representing government, business, industry bodies, research and academic institutions have Professional Partnership Programs in place with ACS.

A minimum of five (5) individuals are required to establish a PPP arrangement, reducing the membership fee from $370.00 to $290.40 (inclusive of GST) per person.

As an additional benefit, for all PPP arrangements, ACS has a “Reinvestment Strategy” where 15% of all membership fees are reinvested back with the organisation to use for their members on high-value professional development courses or initiatives with the ACS.

To ensure that the arrangement remains relevant over the 12-month membership period and provides ongoing value, ACS assigns a dedicated account manager to work collaboratively with your nominated representative. Regular meetings are scheduled to discuss, plan and review activities for member staff, with consideration for organisation initiatives that could benefit from ACS membership opportunities.

If you are an individual and your employer has offered you ACS membership, and they are already a PPP there is likely to be a PPP application link on your intranet.

Alternatively, you or your respective employer can contact ACS Member Services by completing the details below, by calling us on +61 (0)2 9299 3666 or emailing us at