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Latest ACS Response to COVID-19

ACS is committed to doing our part to ensure the current Australian COVID-19 trend flattens, and to continue to deliver value to ACS members, stakeholders across the wider tech sector and Australians generally during this unprecedented time.

Latest Response



8th December 2020

COVID-19 has presented challenges for all professions and workplaces with ACS and the ICT sector not immune to 2020’s travails.

ACS’ aim during the pandemic has been to flatten the infection curve while assisting members, the sector and businesses as they adapt to a dynamic and demanding time.

Presently, ACS premises, including Labs, are at various levels of access in line with each state’s restrictions. We are encouraging staff to work from home while working on return to work plans that comply with best practice and local regulations.

We understand there are differing circumstances at our various office locations. We also know that pandemic conditions remain unpredictable and more changes may be made on short notice and we are aiming to accommodate the needs of staff, Labs tenants and members to the greatest practical extent.

During the year, the ICT sector was not spared the economic impact of business closures as lockdowns to control the spread of the virus took effect in March.

To support members, ACS provided a complimentary six-month membership extension and offered free professional certification.

Members attaining a Certified Professional status also received additional benefits, including being recognised by Commonwealth and State Governments under the Professional Standards Scheme, additional personal protection capping liability under this scheme, and increased insurance cover under the ACS member insurance cover.

Certification ensured ACS members would be well placed to re-enter the sector as the COVID crisis passed. The CP or CT certification is highly regarded and will put our members at an advantage once the recovery begins.

To help members find work, ACS launched its Career Platform giving employers access to the society’s unrivalled network of students, graduates and experienced Australian technology professionals while giving members access to career advice and available employment opportunities with employers across the tech sector.

ACS also continued its commitment to assisting those entering the technology workforce, and as part of the response to the COVID-19 crisis transformed our Tech and Employability Skills Half Day Conference to be delivered online.

Following the completion of the 6 month membership extension and complimentary certification offers, ACSPlus was launched. The initiative offered members access to courses and events helping them acquire new skills spanning the data value chain from analytics, marketing, governance and privacy.

Along with measures to support members, ACS also worked to help fight the spread of COVID-19 with the Flatten the Curve Hackathon.

As the economy moves out from the effects of the shutdowns and the debilitating effects of the virus, the technical skills of ACS members will critical to navigating the economic recovery. The society’s moves to support members, the wider sector and the community in general will help Australia recover from COVID-19’s economic impact.

We look forward to working with you during this vital period of recovery.

Yours sincerely

Dr Ian Oppermann                                          Rupert Grayston 
President                                                          Interim Chief Executive Officer
ACS                                                                    ACS