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EdXN series

Enhance your perspectives on tech’s most topical issues with Education Across the Nation (EdXN), a signature part of the ACS speaker series. Quarterly EdXN national tours present expert insights on key tech topics now and in the future.  

EdXN series

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Navigating through the intersection of tech and psychology

How do we approach the future through the dual lenses of technology and psychology? Gabe Marzano, Head of Cyber Security, NEXTGEN Group, shares the complexities of cyber security that underpin business continuity as everyone’s responsibility. In a future defined by 'the convergence of Information, Technology and Biology', Gabe explores:


  • How cyber security keeps us in a constant state of flux
  • Understanding our choice to move by fear or self-interest in the face of super-intelligence
  • How emerging technologies can enhance a cyber security posture
  • The importance of polymathic understanding to navigate the digital economy

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