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As Australia’s leading accredited Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) training and consultancy partner, ACS has developed mySFIA - a customised SaaS solution to help you profile and assess your skills.



SFIA is your essential tool for organisational design and talent management in ICT. 

Map your path to career success

ACS members can take advantage of advanced self-assessments against competencies in SFIA. By meeting the standards of the International SFIA framework, you can confidently demonstrate your abilities to employers around the world.

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Given the rapid rate of digital transformation, for ICT professionals the challenge to maintain skills while preparing for career roles that may not currently exist is now paramount.

mySFIA helps you navigate constant technological change and map your career path. Based on SFIA, mySFIA enables you to pin-point your current skills profile, identify potential career roles and recognise areas for development to help achieve your goals.

To remain relevant in an ever-changing digital world, SFIA is regularly updated.  SFIA 6 is the current version with a review underway for v7.  

A corporate edition of mySFIA is available to Professional Partner Program members.  With enhanced functions of skills profiling and reporting, skills across teams or an entire enterprise are easily identified so planning workforce development and training is effortless.

Talk to ACS and discover how mySFIA can help your organisation.