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General Contact Information

Level 14, 839 Collins Street

Docklands VIC 3008

Level 14, 839 Collins Street

Docklands VIC 3008

Tele : (02) 9299 3666

Fax : (03) 9690 0201


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Professional Events


ACS Victoria provides its members with a variety of initiatives including informative events, webinars, workshops and engagement programs that focus on professional and career development.


For more information and to find out what’s on this month, check the upcoming events page.



ACS Kids Tech Hub Holiday Program


This program is open to members and non members and structured to help kids advance their technology skills, they will discover the joy of technology all while interacting with cool tech and robots.


The program will allow members to utilise the ACS Melbourne Innovation hub to work or conduct meetings while their children will learn coding, design thinking and other tech skills using robotics and computing components such as mBots and Makey Makeys in a program co-designed by the ACS ICT Educator's Specialist.


Read more here.



ACS Victoria Student Ambassador Program


The program offers tech students the chance to be involved in ACS’s industry initiatives, to be seen as a leader to other emerging professionals in the field, and to be recognised by the ICT community.


Through the Student Ambassador Program, students will gain a great deal of skills and recognition for volunteer positions, creating a perfect gateway into the workforce that will make the individual stand out from the crowd once they complete their studies.


Read more and apply here.



ACS Victoria Technology Talent Program


This program is an exciting and rare opportunity for ACS Victoria student & graduate members to gain further support from a highly skilled tech professional from a multi-national organisation.


The program provides emerging professionals with the tools and guidance to carve a pathway into a successful career in ICT.

Read more here.



ACS Technology & Innovation Hub


The ACS Technology & Innovation Hub is located in Docklands. ACS members are invited and encouraged to visit and use the Hub during business hours. The Hub is a custom-built collaborative space that fuels creativity and innovation. 


Facilities include:

  • Private and collaborative workspaces
  • High-tech meeting rooms with click-share and conferencing facilities
  • Interactive smart screens
  • Full kitchen with coffee and tea amenities
  • Ping-pong table and gaming consoles.

Please note

As ACS respond to COVID-19, please refer to the latest updates for member and visitor information regarding accessing the ACS Technology & Innovation Hub. 


Hiring Hub Space

Please contact ACS Victoria if you would like to hold a curated event or educational workshop for your organisation. Email us at [email protected]


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Access to the Hub and Meeting Rooms


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