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Tele : +61 (0) 7 3316 5700 

Fax : +61 (0) 7 3220 0688


PO Box 10327 Adelaide Street,

Brisbane QLD 4000


Level 7, 333 Adelaide Street,

Brisbane QLD 4000

ACS Mentoring Program

The ACS Mentoring Program will improve career development opportunities for members who are looking for career guidance in the ICT industry by matching them with leading industry veterans in a structured support program. Together, mentors and mentees set goals and work through a planned approach. After six months in the program, a mentee will be well placed to understand professional and leadership requirements typical in ICT today. Read More

Branch Activity

ACS members in Queensland are invited to forums and events held throughout the year on a diverse range of topics, as well as recognised and accredited professional development sessions. For more information and to find out what’s on this month, check the upcoming events page.

Branch Staff

Mr Ross Medina AACS

QLD State Manager

Ms Kylie Barringer AACS

Events Manager


Dr Nick Tate FACS CP

Branch Chair

Mr Mike Driver FACS CP

Vice Chair

Mr Hayden Delaney MACS

Vice Chair

Dr Paul Campbell FACS

Honorary Secretary

Mr Bevin Irvine JP (Qual) MACS (Snr) CP

Honorary Treasurer

Mrs Fiona Foley MACS (Snr)

BEC Member

Mr Peter Yeates MACS CP

BEC Member

Mr Nick Brant MACS (Snr) CP

BEC Member

Mrs Margaret Carey MACS

BEC Member

Prof Peter Croll FACS CP

BEC Member

Mr Beau Tydd

BEC Member

Mrs Elizabeth Harper MACS (Snr) CP

BEC Member

Dr Marilyn Wells MACS (Snr)

BEC Member

Mr Neil Wood MACS (Snr) CP

BEC Member