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ACS ICT Educators Virtual Development Series

ACS’ ICT Educators Virtual Development Series aims to provide teachers and educators with ongoing support which focuses on using technology in the new learning environments. The eight online events within the virtual development series will provide pedagogy focused learning and development for educators to continue to teach the Digital Technologies Curriculum whilst juggling the challenges and experience due to COVID-19 and remote learning.

ACS understands the vital role that digital technologies plays in education. Since the introduction of the Digital Technologies Curriculum, ACS commitment extends to supporting all teachers to drive high quality computing education across teaching practices, including heightened support during times of disruption, such as the impact due to COVID-19.

Over the course of Term 2 2020, ACS will deliver eight online events that will give teaches an insight into how technology can be utilized as our students continue to learn from home, and during the transition back into the classroom. Technology provides education with the power to collaborate and share ideas. Join us as we explore new ways to inspire teaching practices and embed STEM through the utilization of technology.

All professional development is aligned to Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (AITSL).


Upcoming Events


Teaching the digital technologies curriculum (Primary)

27th May 2020 - Be provided with a plethora of activities that will help you look at how to integrate the Digital Technologies Curriculum for K-6.

Teaching the digital technologies curriculum (Secondary)

3rd June 2020 - Be provided with a plethora of activities and resources to help you make sense of the Digital Technologies Curriculum for 7-10.

Creating a Digital Technologies Scope and Sequence

10th June 2020 - Be supported when designing and creating a whole school scope and sequence for the Digital Technologies Curriculum.




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Past Events


Mitch Resnick

5th Nov 2018 -Join Prof. Mitchel Resnick who will focus on training teachers to prepare successful environments for today’s learners.

Creating video content for learning

6th May 2020 - Explore how technology can be used to create quality video content for students.

Utilising technology for remote learning - Part 1

13th May 2020 - Part 1 : Understand how technology is changing the role teachers, and the way students are learning.