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Western Australia

The Western Australia Branch hosts events and offers resources, facilities and mentoring programs for ACS members. 


Call Us/Fax Us

Tele :(08) 9470 4878

Fax : (08) 9470 4912


PO Box 301,

Victoria Park WA 6979


Suite 4, 342 Albany Highway,

Victoria Park WA 6100


Branch Forums

ACS members in Western Australia are invited to monthly forums on a diverse range of topics, as well as recognised and accredited professional development sessions. For more information and to find out what's on this month, check the upcoming events page.


The ACS Mentoring Program will improve career development opportunities for members who are looking for career guidance in the ICT industry by matching them with leading industry veterans in a structured support program. Together, mentors and mentees set goals and work through a planned approach. After six months in the program, a mentee will be well placed to understand professional and leadership requirements typical in ICT today.



There are numerous benefits to becoming an ACS member. These include:

  • map your career development through the mySFIA skill assessment tool
  • develop and update your ICT skills and knowledge
  • event networking with peers and possible future employers
  • access to a library of 41,000 digital learning assets

If you would like further information or have any questions regarding ACS membership, please e-mail or call on (08) 9260 3701 for personalised advice. 
Alternatively, you can click here to join as a member today.

The ACS WA 1962 Prize

This prestigious prize is annually awarded to an individual Computing/Information Systems student in Western Australia. The prize awards recognition of student excellence in ICT and a $1,000.00 cash prize. To learn more and apply, please click HERE.

The ACS WA 1962 Prize


This prestigious prize is annually awarded to an individual Computing/Information Systems student in Western Australia. The prize celebrates the year in which the first digital computer was installed in Western Australia and is sponsored by Dennis Moore. 

Apart from recognition as the most able student in the field in Western Australia, the prize includes cash of $1,000.00.


WA university students who have completed undergraduate studies (including Honours) in a course with a substantial component of Computing/Information Technology (as represented by the ACS Core Body of Knowledge).


  • Universities to nominate final-year undergraduate students to apply
  • Students may apply directly
  • Selection will be based on an applicant’s student record, their achievements and potential
  • From the finalists, the overall 'winner' will be selected and the 1962 Prize will be presented at the Dennis Moore Distinguished Oration Dinner held in the second half of each year.

Submissions are now closed.

How to Apply:

Please email Alexandra Mollo at with a 500 word brief outlining the applicant’s strengths, areas of interest, academic studies, past achievements, related work experience (if any), ambitions and desired career path. (Required)

Applicants must attach a copy of their academic transcript to the above and include full name, mobile number, university, course and email address.


Mr Darren Roxburgh

WA State Manager

Ms Alexandra Mollo AACS

WA Events Coordinator

Branch Executives

Ms Michelle Sandford MACS (Snr) CP

Branch Chair

Mr Tony Errington FACS CP

Immediate Past Chair

Mrs Anle-Marne Pretorius MACS Snr CP

Vice Chair

Mr George Coldham MACS CP

Vice Chair

Dr David Cook FACS CP

Honorary Secretary

Mr John Walczak MACS

Honorary Treasurer

Mr Matt Moncrieff AACS

BEC Member

Mr Arnold Wong FACS CP

BEC Member

Dr Vivienne Conway MACS CP

BEC Member

Mr Denis Coldham MACS CP

BEC Member

Ms Ming Johanson AACS

BEC Member

Mr Eric Torres AACS

BEC Member

Mr Anthony Sciorilli AACS

BEC Member

Dr Brian von Konsky FACS CP

BEC Member

Mr Vito Forte AACS

BEC Member