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Launch your Australian tech career

ACS support for skilled migrants


The Australian tech sector is growing rapidly, creating career opportunities for skilled tech professionals dreaming of living and working in tech in Australia. But competition is fierce. Only those with the support to build the right skills, recognition and network will succeed.


Last year, we provided first-class migration services and career support to over 39,000 international tech professionals.


ACS creates value for its members by equipping them with the right skills, knowledge, recognition and networks under four themes: migration, career, capability and community. 


International tech professionals who complete the ACS Migration Skills Assessment are offered complimentary ACS membership, which they can explore here. If you are not an ACS member but would like to benefit from ACS services and support, please join ACS.


Conquer the confusion of skilled migration


There are a million decisions to make when migrating to Australia’s thriving tech sector. ACS is here to add much-needed clarity.


Uncover practical advice for skilled migration. Download the ACS Guide to Skilled Migration, a comprehensive roadmap for tech professionals considering a move to Australia.


Understand your skills assessment. Learn the requirements, eligibility and pathways for a successful ACS Migration Skills Assessment, a critical step in applying for your visa.


Progress your migration journey at an ACS Migration Pathway Webinar. Put your questions to members of the ACS Migration team and get the right information, right away. 


Bridge the gap between education and employment. Sign up for the ACS Professional Year in IT, a job-readiness program that includes a 12-week internship. 


Find the migration support you need. From guides and webinars to ACS-registered migration agents and private consultations, ACS Migration provides first-class services to international tech professionals.


Understand what it takes to succeed in tech in Australia


Australia’s tech sector is unique. New and disruptive technologies demand specific skills. Understanding how and where you fit in is critical to your career success.


Plan your pathway through Australia’s ever-evolving tech sector. Explore a range of first-class ACS Career resources like mentoring programs, career guides and salary surveys.


Develop your brand and job-seeking skills. Learn the strategies and engagement techniques that succeed from industry experts at ACS Tech Employability events.


Meet employers and recruiters to gain vital job-seeking insights. Hear from Australia’s leading businesses at ACS’s How to Get a Job event series.


Protect you and your business as an IT contractor, small business owner or an employee with a side hustle with complimentary ACS Professional Indemnity Insurance.


Develop your skills to meet Australia’s needs


Australia’s tech sector constantly needs people with new skills and different capabilities. Are your skills what Australia needs?


Profile your capabilities to identify gaps. Pinpoint the skills and knowledge to develop using mySFIA, ACS’s customised tool that utilises the international skills benchmark. 


Develop a learning plan to address skills gaps. Explore Aspire learning journeys to build your knowledge, close skills gaps and propel you towards your future role.


Build in-demand technical and interpersonal skills. Capitalise on emerging technologies and enhance critical interpersonal capabilities exploring a wide range of courses on the ACS Skillsoft platform.


Create distinction in Australia’s competitive tech sector with ACS SFIA Digital Badges. Amplify capabilities to optimise your role and earnings with independent, verifiable credentials. 


Gain professional recognition. Stand out to peers, employers and clients by recognising your experience, expertise and professionalism with ACS Capability products and services.


Create the profile to succeed in Australia's crowded tech sector


Australia’s tech sector is highly competitive. How do you stand out to employers to create and seize new opportunities?


Learn from Australia’s tech leaders. Listen to and learn from the people with ground-breaking ideas and future-shaping thinking at ACS Industry Insights events.


Explore your local ACS community. Contribute to conversations and connect to diverse groups with shared interests across business, government and education. 


Champion new technologies. Share your experience and expertise as a member of the ACS Technical Advisory Board for AI, Blockchain and cybersecurity.


Connect, collaborate and innovate with entrepreneurs. Test your concepts with ACS Labs and access to programs, events and engagement opportunities.


Lead the change by exploring the ACS Social Impact microsite. Gain access to tools, courses and resources to build your knowledge and make a difference in your organisation.


ACS Member Benefits and Rewards


Join Australia’s largest tech community.


Be part of a highly skilled and diverse tech community, powering Australia’s technology brilliance.


ACS membership costs $374 a year and delivers over $8,000 worth of advice, resources and tools; events, publications and Hub access; insurance, rewards and exclusive benefits; mentoring, skills and career development support.


Follow ACS on LinkedIn and Facebook and contribute to the conversations shaping Australia’s tech sector.


Subscribe to Information Age, the most-read newsletter in Australia's tech sector.


FAQs – frequently asked questions 


ACS is the professional association for Australia’s technology sector, championing the technologies, people and skills critical to powering Australia’s future. The Australian government authorises ACS to assess the skills and work experience of IT and Data Science professionals considering migration to Australia. With over 50,000 members, ACS is Australia’s largest tech community, supporting IT professionals with first-class migration and career services and products. 

The ACS Migration Skills Assessment is a critical step in applying for a visa. It is a process for assessing and validating your IT qualifications and work experience to determine your eligibility for skilled migration to Australia.

Application for the ACS Migration Skills Assessment can be made through the ACS Application Migration Skills Assessment portal

ACS hosts over 600 professional development and networking events each year. Events range from sector-leading series like ACS Industry Insights to job-seeking events with employers and recruiters. ACS events provide IT professionals with opportunities to build both their knowledge and profile within Australia’s tech sector.

The skills needed to succeed in Australia’s tech sector change constantly as new and disruptive technologies emerge and shape the sector. As the trusted leader of Australia’s tech sector, ACS champions the technologies, people and skills critical to Australia’s future, providing skills development events, courses, and mentoring to help you stay relevant and employable.

ACS branches are in each state and territory in Australia. Every ACS branch hosts specific events where ACS members can meet and network with employers and recruiters.

Australia’s tech sector is rapidly changing, growing both in size and influence on Australia’s economy. New and exciting career opportunities are being created for tech professionals with the right skills and knowledge. ACS members develop their job opportunities through career-long support, which includes access to programs, products and pathways designed to build skills, knowledge and recognition.