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Welcome to ACS Migration Skills Assessments

The ACS is authorised as the relevant Assessing Authority for ICT skills occupations as listed in the List of Eligible Skilled Occupations and designated by the Minister for Home Affairs in accordance with the Migration Regulations to assess the suitability of ICT skills in accordance with the nominated occupation for migration purposes.

ACS Migration Skills Assessment Application

Important Notes:

  • Please review the Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants to ensure you have all the requirements for your application

  • Only upload files in PDF format

  • Please consolidate all pages into one PDF document for each qualification and each employment entry

Preparing Your Documents:

  • Gather and organise all the required documents you wish to have assessed

  • Create copies of all original documents - (Example: Degree Certificate or Work Reference)

  • Have all copies certified by an authorised person - (Certified copy)

  • Scan & Save the certified copies in a PDF format and upload to the Application Form

Completing Your Application:

  • Enter the information requested in each section and move through to the following section

  • Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk

  • Dates are in DD/MM/YYYY format and can be typed or selected from the drop-down list