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What Is Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the means by which ACS members maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge, expertise and competence, and develop the qualities required in their professional lives.  

The updating of skills and knowledge is critical in keeping abreast of industry changes, maintaining professional competence and ensuring that qualifications do not become obsolete.

All ACS members are encouraged to advance their professional standing within the industry and complete CPD hours each year as part of their membership.




Ways to Complete CPD?

There are a variety of methods to maintain, improve and broaden knowledge, expertise and competence - the range of professional development activities selected will vary according to individual career planning, area of expertise, learning style, identified needs, and timing and availability. The important point to remember is that the learning must be relevant to our industry, your current role or career aspirations.  ACS recommends members focus their continuing professional development on a range of activities such as formal and informal events, peer and professional interaction and of course, ways to contribute to the profession through research, courses or white papers.

ACS members currently self-assess their CPD hours accumulated and can update their CPD activities within the online membership portal. CPD hours are awarded to appropriate activities on a 1:1 ratio, meaning, 1 hour of learning equates to 1 CPD hour.

Career Break?

ACS understands that members lives sometimes take priority over their career development, which requires a career break. To help with these times, Certified Technologies must complete 60 hours of CPD and Certified Professionals much complete 90 hours of CPD over five years, rather than the standard three years.

A member is regarded to have had a career break if they have a period of leave from the workforce of at least six months, but less than five years, for any proper cause. 

Proper causes include:

  • a serious illness
  • parental leave
  • extended travel
  • caring for family members
  • involuntary unemployment
  • elite sporting or cultural pursuits








All ACS Members are encouraged to maintain a minimum of 15 CPD hours each year, however Certified Technologist and Certified Professional members are required to maintain a minimum of 20 CPD hours and 30 CPD hours each year respectively.To assist with career development and career breaks, ACS assesses member CPD over a rolling three (3) year period  ie: 90 CPD house for Certified Professionals over any 3yr period.

ACS encourages members to engage, participate in and attend activities relevant to their role to increase their knowledge, skills and ability to succeed in the competitive business environment. The CPD must be relevant to our industry, current role, and career aspirations and some activities must pertain to professional ethics.

ACS conduct audits throughout the year by randomly selecting members to review their CPD activities. Audits are conducted by ACS Membership Team. 

ACS recommends you maintain detailed supporting documents or evidence of all your CPD activities.  Any false claims made in relation to CPD records and activities may be construed as misconduct under the ACS Code of Practice and Disciplinary Rules.


CPD Allocation