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ACS professional development solutions

Our workforce development team help employers build exceptional tech teams.

Contact our workforce development team: sfia.skills@acs.org.au

ACS professional development solutions

Bespoke professional development plans to strengthen your team


Profile skills and map career paths for all your team members


Ensuring your tech team has the right skills and knowledge to capitalise on existing and emerging technologies is critical to the success of all businesses.


Our workforce development team can profile the skills and knowledge of each member of your tech team aligned to SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age), the internationally recognised benchmark for tech roles.

Individual skills profiles can be used to identify gaps in a person’s knowledge and help create a personalised career plan to enhance their learning and development.


The professional development solutions we offer feature:

  • An interface between HR functions and the technical and management skills of technology teams


  • SFIA capability statements for all ACS competency-based training

  • Professional development events mapped to SFIA enabling skills profile reports


  • Independent validated skills assessments for organisations


Complete flexibility to suit the needs of your business


No two businesses are the same so we offer complete flexibility in the delivery and implementation of our professional development solutions.


We can integrate professional development solutions into your existing learning and development processes to enhance your recruitment, onboarding and performance appraisals. We can also accommodate third-party processes such as vendor certifications.


Our workforce development team deliver training online, at your offices or a partner training facility.


In addition, our workforce development team can provide:

  • Online professional development plans

  • Instructor-led courses

  • Online combined with instructor-led courses


  • Qualifications and short courses

  • Assessment-only pathways

  • Mentoring programs


  • Conferences and events


To find out more, contact our workforce development team: sfia.skills@acs.org.au