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ACS mentoring program

Are you just starting your tech career? Or are you established and want to help nurture the next generation of talent? The ACS mentoring program connects experienced tech professionals with those just starting out, to help create the experts and leaders of tomorrow.

ACS mentoring program

Structured for success


The ACS mentoring program provides a structured approach to support the professional development of ACS members. ACS mentors to provide the benefit of their professional, real-world experience to mentees. 


ACS Mentors help those at the beginning of their tech careers understand the pathways and skills they need to advance. 


Mutual rewards

  • As an ACS mentor, you enjoy the rewards of helping bright minds make it in the industry

  • As an ACS mentee, you gain access to knowledge which can help you accelerate your career

Although the ACS Mentoring Program only runs for 6 months, mentors and mentees are encouraged to continue their relationship into the future.


Massive impact 


The ACS mentoring program helps:  

  • spring-board, retaining and progress future tech leaders

  • support ACS members’ professional development 

  • empower younger, less experienced ACS members in their tech careers

  • ACS members enhance their professional networks

  • senior members pass on knowledge and experience 


Now more than ever, Australia requires a diverse, high-quality pipeline of trusted tech professionals.


The ACS mentoring program connects new and established members in ways that benefit the entire tech sector and enhance Australia's future.


We’re here to help


For more information on the ACS mentoring program or about finding a personal mentor, contact us at acs.nsw@acs.org.au or call +61 2 9299 3666.

Protecting personal information is important to the ACS. The personal information you provide on these applications will be used by ACS to manage your involvement in the ACS mentoring program.