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Migration Skills Assessments

ICT Skills Assessment: 10–12 weeks
Review and Appeal Assessment: 8 weeks

Please Note: Only one application can be active at any one time

Please read our updated Skills Assessment Guidelines for ApplicantsACS  Application Checklist  and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page prior to submitting your application

Any urgent applications due to VISA expiry, please contact ACS at assessment@acs.org.au with your application ID and any relevant details.

We also offer a webinar series where you can ask us questions live online and get tips on how to properly complete your application. Register for the next Webinar here.



Welcome to ACS Migration Skills Assessment


ACS is the authorised assessing authority that undertakes skill assessments for the purposes of skilled migration. Our role is to assess the skills and qualifications of ICT professionals who are considering migration to Australia to work in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.


This is an important role in Australia’s national interest, intended to supplement the Australian workforce with skills in areas of domestic shortage to ensure continued economic growth and enable the country to best position itself for continued prosperity. 


Before you submit a migration skills assessment please review the Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants. We also are running a webinar series where we answer your questions about how to complete your application. Register here for the next session


These Guidelines describe the eligibility requirements in applying for a skills assessment under the Migration Skills Assessment program. They do not provide specific information on migration or visa requirements. All enquiries relating to visa and migration requirements must be directed to the Department of Home Affairs.



ACS Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants will be updated on 22 April 2023. We will be allowing a grace period from 22 April 2023 to 20 May 2023 for the use of the existing guideline V7.0. Applications from 21 May 2023 must comply with the new guideline V8.0.


Here is the snapshot of key changes we are making in this update:


  • ICT content (Major/Minor) requirements for Postgraduate qualifications are now updated. All post graduate qualifications will be assessed in the same way irrespective of the underlying Bachelors qualification being ICT or otherwise. (section 2.4.1)
  • ICT content (Major) requirement for Diploma is now updated. The minimum requirement is 1-year ICT content. (section 2.4.1)
  • Introduced alternative employment evidence (e.g., government issued work permit) for countries with no income tax. (section 2.7)
  • Above snapshot of key changes does not include ALL the changes affected to the guideline. The applicant must ensure they are fully informed of all application requirements prior to making an application


ACS regularly reviews and updates assessment suitability criteria in line with emerging ICT industry and technology trends.


Build the skills for the tech job you want


Discover the ACS Tech & Digital Employability Training program


Are you a skilled migrant with technology skills that are going to waste in an unrelated job? Get the help you need to put your skills to use with the ACS Tech & Digital Employability Training program. 



How does the program work?


With skills shortages right across the tech workforce, Australia needs to make the most of your talent. The ACS Tech & Digital Employability Training program will equip you with the additional skills you need to secure the right tech role in Australia. 


Complimentary employability assessment


A guided session with an ACS expert to assess your skills and highlight areas to enhance your capabilities, making you more attractive to employers.


Personalised development plan


A coaching session to build a personalised development plan, and provide you with the support to enhance your employability.


Subsidised  skills training


The Australian Govt will contribute 90% of your course fees, up to a maximum of $3,000 (ex GST) – you need only contribute 10%.


Gain workplace skills required for the Australian jobs market:

  • Spoken Communication 
  • Planning & Organising 

  • Problem Solving & Critical Thinking 

  • Improving Teamwork 

  • Business Writing 

  • Initiative & innovation 

  • Continuous Learning 

  • Digital Engagement 

As the trusted leader of the tech sector, ACS supports the high-skilled technology migrants critical to Australia's future. 


Who is eligible for the ACS Tech & Digital Employability Training program?


You may be eligible if you:

  • Possess a suitable skills assessment in an eligible occupation on or after 1 January 2012 and held it for 12 months or more

  • Seeking an Employability Assessment in the priority occupation for which you received a suitable skills assessment

  • Are in paid employment below your skill level at the time of submitting your Application Form to participate in the program

  • Worked at least 30 hours per fortnight in the last month (can be a mix of paid and study and/or volunteer and/or internship work and can be with more than one employer)

  • Live in Australia at the time you submit the Application Form 

  • Live in Australia on an eligible permanent visa

  • Are not registered as a job seeker or have an active referral with Workforce Australia, Disability Employment Services, or the Community Development Program

  • Have not previously completed or withdrawn from a Pilot 3 Employability Assessment


How to apply


You must apply through the Assessing Authority that completed your skills assessment. 


Pilot 2 Skills Assessment Opportunity – Free Skills Assessment for Migrants



Opportunity for free and fast skills assessment for migrants – Ending 29th February 2024

Do you have a partner, family member or friend in Australia who is on a family, partner, humanitarian, or refugee visa and is looking to improve their chances of getting a job at their skill level?


Skilled migrants play a vital role in Australia’s workforce. They may be able to get a free and fast-tracked skills assessment if they are on a family, partner, humanitarian, or refugee visa and have experience in a priority occupation.



Am I eligible?


You are eligible for the Pilot 2 assessment if ALL the following applies to you:


  • You have skills, experience, and/or qualifications from this occupation list

  • You have not had a skills assessment in your occupation before

  • You are living in Australia when you submit your application

  • You hold an eligible visa granted on or after 1 January 2016


Please refer to the following documentation:


Pilot 2 - Skills Assessment Opportunities for Migrants - Occupation List


Pilot 2 - Skills Assessment Opportunities for Migrants – Eligible Visa List


For further information please visit https://www.dewr.gov.au/skills-assessment-pilots


For all inquiries, please email the skills assessment team at Skillshelp@acs.org.au.

Skill Assessment Information


New ANZSCO 224999 to support Data Scientists 

ACS is pleased to announce the introduction of a new ANZSCO occupation code for Data Scientists: 224999 - Information and Organisation Professionals nec (Data Scientist)


This introduction opens immediate opportunities for professionals in Data Science and related fields to nominate ANZSCO occupation code 224999 when pursuing ACS Migration Skills Assessment. 


For detailed information on ACS assessment criteria as well as a brief description of key tasks and skills, refer to ACS Assessment Criteria for ANZSCO 224999-Data Scientist. We look forward to supporting your skills journey to Australia.

Cost & Charges:

To ensure you submit the correct skills application, please review the Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants for a detailed explanation of the application type criteria. 
Temporary Graduate - 485 Skills Assessment
Post Australian Study Skills Assessment
Skills (general application)
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
Review Application
Appeal Application
Application type
Temporary Graduate - 485 Skills Assessment
Post Australian Study Skills Assessment
Skills (general application)
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
Review Application
Appeal Application

All skills assessment fees include a total of eight assessment episodes per application. An assessment episode can be made up of qualifications or employment documentation. This means you can submit any combination of qualifications and employment episodes that total eight episodes per application.

A $50 fee applies for each additional qualification or employment episode that exceeds the maximum of eight per application. Fees are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Please note that we delayed normal annual costs and charges increases for skilled migration due in July, 2023 due to MSA systems upgrade.


Global Talent Visa Program


The Global Talent Visa (GT) program is designed to attract the best and brightest skilled migrants to Australia, from a range of target sectors.


A successful candidate will be able to demonstrate their experience as a highly skilled professional or senior executive and demonstrate that their skills are at the cutting edge of innovation, within the target sectors listed below. Additionally, candidates will need to demonstrate their ability to attract a salary that meets the high income threshold as well as their ability to help create opportunities for Australia by promoting innovation and creating jobs.


To be eligible to apply for a Global Talent visa, applicants must:

  • prove they are internationally recognised with ​ evidence of outstanding achievements
  • still be prominent in their field of expertise
  • provide evidence that they would be an asset to Australia, in their area of expertise
  • have no difficulty obtaining employment in Australia or becoming established in their field
  • have a recognised organisation or individual with a national reputation in the same field in Australia nominate them as global talent.

Target Sectors:

Agri-food and AgTech, Energy, Health Industries Defence, Advanced Manufacturing and Space, Circular Economy, DigiTech, Infrastructure and Tourism, Financial Services and Fintech, Education and EdTech.

ACS assesses nominations for the following target sectors only:

This sector includes, but is not limited to, the following specialisations:

  • Data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Automation and robotics
  • Big data, data management and analysis
  • Blockchain technology
  • Cloud computing
  • 5G
  • Cyber security detection, prevention and response
  • Data and eResearch infrastructure
  • SmartTech and disruptive technologies
  • Front-end development
  • Internet of Things
  • Immersive technologies including virtual, augmented and extended reality
  • IT integrated control systems for plant and machinery
  • Machine learning engineering
  • Network engineering/architecture
  • Production and development of digital (video) games and game engine technology
  • Quantum information and computing
  • Smart cities
  • Specialised knowledge in software and mobile application development

(If predominantly ICT focused)  

(If predominantly ICT focused)  


High Income Threshold:

Candidates should have the ability to attract a salary at or above the Fair Work high income threshold of $158,500. This figure is adjusted annually on 1 July. When assessing this, ACS will consider:
  • current salary shown through payslips or a contract
  • future job offers outlining remuneration
  • recent PhD graduates in the target sectors.


ACS charges candidates a non-refundable $400 for a Global Talent Visa suitability assessment. ACS Assessors will review the candidate’s submission to confirm the above criteria has been met. Any candidate that receives a suitable assessment will be invited to submit a formal Global Talent Visa application for a non-refundable investment of $560.

Please email gti@acs.org.au to apply for a Global Talent Visa suitability Assessment.


Candidates looking for further information about their suitability for a Global Talent Visa should review The Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) website.