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Global Talent Independent Program

Are you a leader in your field in the global tech sector? Australia’s Global Talent Independent Program (GTI) offers permanent visas for highly skilled and talented individuals.

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How does the Global Talent Program work?


To qualify for the Global Talent Program, you must be nominated by a recognised Australian organisation or individual with a national reputation in your field.


As the professional association for tech professionals, Australian Computer Society (ACS) is a recognised nominating organisation for Global Talent candidates. If you want to apply to be nominated by ACS, you must first undergo an ACS assessment.


How do I apply for a nomination?


To apply for a nomination by ACS, complete the following steps:




This sector includes, but is not limited to, the following specialisations: 

  • Data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Automation and robotics
  • Big data, data management and analysis
  • Blockchain technology
  • Cloud computing
  • 5G
  • cyber security detection, prevention and response
  • Data and eResearch infrastructure
  • Smart tech and disruptive technologies
  • Front-end development
  • Internet of Things
  • Immersive technologies including virtual, augmented and extended reality
  • IT integrated control systems for plant and machinery
  • Machine learning engineering
  • Network engineering/architecture
  • Production and development of digital (video) games and game engine technology
  • Quantum information and computing
  • Smart cities
  • Specialised knowledge in software and mobile application development
  • 3D printing



  • If predominantly IT-focused  



  • If predominantly IT-focused  



For a preliminary assessment of your eligibility for nomination, please email the following information and supporting evidence to gti@acs.org.au

  • Colour scan of your passport bio-page (300dpi minimum) 
  • Current contact details including address and contact number  
  • Detailed CV/resume  
  • Confirmation of the target sector you believe would apply to you  
  • Further details to substantiate how you meet the following criteria (please include this information in a PDF document):  
    • Whether you are internationally recognised, and your achievements are also exceptional and outstanding 
    • Whether you are still prominent in your field 
    • Whether your settlement in Australia will be an asset to the Australian    community  
    • Whether your contribution will be of benefit to Australia as a whole  
  • Documentary evidence to substantiate the above, such as: 
    • Work reference letters from current and past employers endorsing your achievements and project contributions 
    • Academic degrees or professional designations associated with the IT/DigiTech industry  
    • National and international awards and accolades 
    • Statements from prominent business leaders and industry peers 
    • Newspaper and magazine articles or links to reputable website attesting to your achievements and/or awards 
    • Evidence of patents, trademarks, publications, copyrights, and other intellectual property held 
    • Details of current and recently held senior positions in a sizable business or organisation 
    • Evidence of delivering a presentation at professional forums, conferences and events 
    • Evidence of your current remuneration/salary


PLEASE NOTE: ACS charges a non-refundable $400 for a Global Talent Visa suitability assessment.

  • ACS will use a range of means to investigate your background and verify the evidence and claims being made
  • Further information and supporting evidence may be requested
  • A brief phone or video interview during the assessment may be required
  • You will be advised whether ACS can proceed with a GTI nomination on your behalf 
  • If your assessment is successful, ACS will request payment of non-refundable $560 to issue a Nomination for Global Talent Form 1000 endorsed by ACS, which you can then use to apply for a visa  

Fees for Global Talent Visa suitability assessment


ACS charges a non-refundable $400 for a Global Talent Visa suitability assessment. If you receive a suitable assessment, you will be invited to submit a formal Global Talent Visa application for a non-refundable investment of $560.


Start your application without delay 


You can start the process now and come back to it any time you like. All you need is proof of ID and a way to pay your application fee – Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal are all accepted.


FAQs – frequently asked questions 


For information on the different kinds of visas available and requirements for migration to Australia, visit the website of the Department of Home Affairs


Please note that ACS provides details on the eligibility requirements in applying for a skills assessment under the Migration Skills Assessment program but does provide specific information on migration or visa requirements.

For more information visit the Global Talent Program section of the Department of Home Affairs website.

See Step 2: Apply for a preliminary assessment in the page above for a full list of all the information you will need to supply to ACS.


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