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Qualifications document requirements


For every Australian or overseas IT or Data Science tertiary qualification(s) that you have completed, you must provide 2 types of documents:


1. Degree or Award Certificates


Please make sure all Degree or Award certificates clearly display:

  1. Title of Degree or Award
  2. Name of University or Awarding Institution
  3. Date the Degree or Award was completed 

2. Degree or Award Transcript  
(Academic Transcript)


Please make sure all Degree or Award transcripts display:

  1. All unit or subject names
  2. All grades or marks achieved (uploaded in chronological order)
  3. Please include a Legend or Key explaining the grading system to help clarify information if required 


  • If the degree completion date or award date is not identified within the document, the qualification will be assessed as not suitable
  • If you have completed a qualification but the Graduation Certificate or Testamur has not yet been awarded, please provide an official document such as a completion letter from the university that states the date you met all the course requirements and became eligible for the award
  • If you have a Post Graduate degree, please also provide documents for the undergraduate qualification
  • For research degrees, please provide the abstract of the thesis or research project, endorsed by the primary supervisor where possible

Documents in a language other than English will need to be translated.


Document translation requirements →


Document formatting


The original documents to be uploaded in your application may be paper-based or electronic and must be formatted as per the table.

Paper-based original documents
Electronic original documents
Paper-based original documents
Electronic original documents
Upload original high-quality colour scans (at least 300 dpi). Scan all documents at the same resolution (dpi).
Upload original files.
Ensure all the edges are visible so that the document does not look cropped.
If documents are digitally signed, do not combine them with any other document.
Consolidate all pages into one PDF document for each qualification.
If original PDFs are password-protected for reading, then attach a separate PDF document with a table containing file names and passwords.

For more information on Qualifications evidence, see full Qualifications evidence guidelines


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