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The assessment process


As part of the ACS Migration Skills Assessment will examine your personal identity documents and evaluate your educational qualifications and/or work experience to assess if they meet professional IT standards and are closely related to the nominated occupation (ANZSCO) for migration purposes. Migration Skills Assessment is underpinned by SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age).


Assessment of qualifications


ACS will review your qualification(s) to determine Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) comparability. The course units of your qualification are assessed to determine whether the professional IT content is considered an IT professional unit or not. The outcome of the Assessment will note if your qualification is a Major, Minor or if the IT content is Insufficient


An ACS Assessor will review which IT units are considered closely related to your nominated occupation. Once your qualification(s) have been assessed, the assessor will then determine the amount of relevant work experience required to meet the suitability criteria. You can review a summary of the criteria in the Assessment Pathway you chose to follow.


Assessment of work experience 


Your employment episode(s) are then assessed to determine if they are considered closely related and at the appropriate skill level, to your nominated occupation. 


Assessment outcome


ACS will provide an assessment outcome in a PDF format. All Successful Assessment letters are valid for 24 months from the date of issue and can be submitted to the Department of Home Affairs as evidence of a successful ACS Migration Skills Assessment. Any Unsuccessful Assessments will note the reasons for the outcome and information regarding the Appeal Process


Start your application without delay 


You can start the process now and come back to it any time you like. All you need is proof of ID and a way to pay your application fee – Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal are all accepted.


ACS Migration Skills Assessment Info Hub


Your source of all detailed information and policies related to the ACS Migration Skills Assessment.


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