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The ACS Migration Skills Assessment application process


The ACS Migration Skills Assessment is a critical step in applying for your visa. It is a process for assessing and validating your IT qualifications and work experience to determine your eligibility for skilled migration to Australia.


Who can apply? 


ACS welcomes applicants from a wide range of IT and Data Science occupations, which cover the conception, design, implementation, maintenance, management, and disposal of IT infrastructure, products, processes, and services. All applicants must submit proof of educational qualifications, employment, and identity as part of the application process.


Making an online application – important things to know


Application for the ACS Migration Skills Assessment must be made online through the simple and easy-to-use ACS Migration Skills Assessment portal. 


As part of your application online, the portal will automatically recommend ANZSCO codes that match your skills from the list of occupations assessed by ACS


It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the data entered in or uploaded as part of their online application is a true and correct representation of the applicant’s personal information, qualifications and employment. 


You must submit the required documentation to ensure your application is decision-ready and can be assessed as efficiently as possible.


Submissions with missing, incorrect or unnecessary documentation will delay the processing of your application and may result in an unsuitable outcome. 




  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to follow the ACS guidelines and provide the required documentation
  • ACS reserves the right to request additional documentation to verify an application but is not obligated to request further documents
  • Failure to provide acceptable evidence may result in an unsuitable assessment
  • In some cases, ACS may reject the application as ‘Not Suitable’ without seeking additional documentation

Application status 


All applicants will receive a confirmation email after completing the online application. The confirmation email will contain your ACS reference number, which you can use to access your online portal and check the progress of your application at each stage via the Application Status.


Application processing time


Applications are processed as soon as possible, and any delays are dependent on the quality of the documentation and information provided. Please refer to your applicant dashboard for real-time updates.  


Priority applications


Any applicant to the ACS Migration Skills Assessment with a visa deadline of less than 12 weeks from the date of application, will be treated as a priority application automatically.


Assessment Pathways


When submitting your application for the ACS Migration Skills Assessment, you need to choose the correct Assessment Pathway.


Start your application without delay 


You can start the process now and come back to it any time you like. All you need is proof of ID and a way to pay your application fee – Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal are all accepted.


ACS Migration Skills Assessment Info Hub


Your source of all detailed information and policies related to the ACS Migration Skills Assessment.


3 ways to get help should you need it

ACS Migration Webinar

ACS Migration Webinars

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ACS Migration Webinar

ACS AppAssist

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ACS Migration Webinar

Migration Agents

A registered migration agent is great for guiding you through the whole process.