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COVID-19 Update:

The ACS Migration Skills Assessment Team would like to assure applicants and migration agents that we have robust business continuity plans in place during this time. All of our systems and processes are functioning as per normal and we would encourage you to continue to submit your migration skills assessment applications with us.  

We are aware that applicants may be adversely impacted by the current pandemic and again want to assure applicants that our customer service channels through phone and email are operating as normal. Please reach out to us through these channels should you have any queries or are facing challenges in relation to your migration skills assessment applications. 

1 July 2020 Changes:

Assessment of ANZSCO Code 262112 ICT Security Specialist:

Applicants applying under the ICT Security specialist ANZSCO occupation code will be assessed based on separate criteria to the other occupations in this Unit Group

Acceptance of Electronics subjects in ICT qualifications:

Analogue and other non-ICT related electronics subjects will no longer be accepted when assessing qualifications. Applicants may provide a subject/course outline to support an assessment of “Electronic” related subjects which we will consider.


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