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AN Introduction To Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity in the technology sector is potentially the greatest driver of Australia’s productivity growth. Enhancing it will help deliver the capability and skills development required to grow our workforce capacity and supply enough human capital to meet the 388,000 additional workers needed for Australia to become a world-leading digital economy.

Building a diverse technology sector remains a challenge. Although we have seen minor improvements in more recent years, key demographics across the Australian population continue to be underrepresented and underutilised.

This report highlights why educating our sector on the importance and benefits of diversity and inclusion is critical, now more than ever, creating a diversity vision that is linked to organisational objectives and growth targets is imperative in ensuring we are equipped to meet the demand for skills over the coming years. This will help in nurturing a happier, healthier and more productive labour force; increase business performance results; develop a stronger ICT sector; and contribute to a better Australia.

You may also be interested in the  Implementing Diversity and Inclusion – A Reference Guide, for practical and actionable guidelines that you can implement in your workplace.