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Implementing Diversity and Inclusion - A Reference Guide


This publication presents a ‘how to’ for building a diverse and inclusive information and communications technology (ICT) business and workforce. Targeted at small to medium ICT businesses in Australia, it provides practical and actionable guidelines for those looking to begin or continue developing workplace diversity and inclusion (D&I).

ACS aims to support and inform ICT businesses on D&I, helping to grow a happier, healthier and more productive labour force; increase business performance outcomes; develop a stronger ICT sector; and contribute to a better Australia. For insights on the importance of diversity and inclusion, download the ‘An Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion’ report.

After uncovering your organisation’s current state, you can choose to employ any of the programs and ideas presented in this guide – from simple actions to complex initiatives – to begin achieving your D&I goals. ACS invites your business to use this guide to either commence or advance your D&I journey and ultimately to deliver benefits to your employees, your organisation and the ICT industry.


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