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ACS Professional Partner Program (PPP)

Tech teams are fundamental to business transformation and success – but only if they upskill, reskill and stay across advances in technology. The ACS Professional Partner Program provides the resources you need to build an exceptional tech team.

ACS Professional Partner Program

The tech sector’s most comprehensive professional development


Pinpoint skills needs with  mySFIA


Profile and assess your team’s current skills and identify skills gaps with mySFIA. This customised tool helps ACS members keep their team’s skills up to date.


Build skills with ACS Learning Accelerator 


Help your teams enhance their skills, earn certifications and keep knowledge up to date with 44,000+ digital resources exclusively for ACS members.


ACS events


Motivate your team with ACS events. They’ll learn new skills, hear from industry leaders. Inspire their development and overall team performance. 


Dedicated Account Manager


Enjoy expert, tailored support from your dedicated ACS account manager withregular, face-to-face reviews to ensure your team is maximising the full suite of program benefits. 




Keep your team connected and informed. ACS publishes reports and publications delivering roadmaps to understanding and implementing the latest technologies. Give them exclusive access to the latest tech sector information and insight with ACS’s unrivalled range of publications.


ACS member benefits


Reward your team with ACS Member Benefits – a wide range of career-enhancing services, discounts and more. They can access digital learning assets, attend professional development events, enjoy digital magazine subscriptions to support their learning and development.


Additional workforce development at additional cost:


ACS mentoring program


Identify potential, harness skills and mentor talent into leadership. Details 


Professional development plans 


SFIA Accredited Assessors can assess and plan the development of your tech professionals. Learn more 


ACS Certifications 

Showcase and validate the skills of individual tech team members. More


ACS Trust Mark® 


Proof of your team’s ability to manage digital transformations. Details 


3 powerful reasons to set up your Professional Partner Program

  1. Build a high performing tech team able to deliver exceptional value for your organisation. 

  2. Rapidly profile and assess current skills gaps and access the assistance you need to upskill your team faster. 

  3. Keep your team’s skills and knowledge up to date, with access to a host of knowledge resources for ongoing learning.



2 reasons to act right now:


20% discount on membership fees


Pay only from $297 per person (incl. GST) – a discount from our regular member fee of $374


Access our Reinvestment Strategy 


15% of all fees are reimbursed in value through learning, courses, and initiatives for your organisation’s ACS members.


Join the growing list of over 300 businesses, government departments and academic institutions who have taken advantage of the ACS Professional Partner Program to develop the skills of their tech workforce in the right direction. 



Join ACS today 


For information about becoming a Professional Partner Program organisation or any inquiries please contact ACS Member Services  acsppp@acs.org.au or +61 2 9299 3666.