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ACS microCredentials

Application Process

To apply for ACS’ microCredential Cyber Security Package, applications can be made by selecting the microCredential specialism and level of recognition via Browse microCredentials. For first time applicants of ACS’ microCredentials Cyber Security, select your specialism and the level of recognition, and you will be directed through to the descriptor for the microCredentials. Click apply, which will direct you through to the microCredentials Cyber Security Package Application Form.

For individuals with an existing application or who wish to apply for additional microCredentials, please lodge your expression of interest to indicating the microCredential/s and level of recognition. A member of the ACS Workforce Development Team will contact you within 48 hours to confirm your additional application and arrange payment.

Information Security microCredential is a mandatory credential and pre-requisite for the specialisms.

All levels of recognition are described based on the Standards and Required Knowledge from ACS’ microCredential Cyber Security Framework. When determining the specialism type and level of recognition, applicants can refer to the summary in Browse microCredentials and instructions below on how to select the right recognition level. The levels of recognition and credentials are written to be progressive, distinct and consistently described across all five levels of recognition.

During the application process, applicants are required to submit supportive evidence (CV/Resume, copies of Qualifications/Certificates) OR evidence can be submitted at the time of the microCredential assessment process via the ACS assessment portal.

microCredentials assessment in five easy steps:

1. Submit your application and choose your microCredentials

2. Prepare your evidence – CV/Resume, Qualifications, Certifications, work samples

3. Undertake your assessment via the ACS microCredential Assessment Platform

4. Complete your assessment and ensure responses are complete. Upload your evidence

5. ACS assessed and notifies results

How to Select the right Level of Recognition

ACS microCredentials is underpinned by Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA). This structure ensures that the definitions of standard and knowledge requirements are defined in a way that makes their different levels recognizable, distinct and aligned. The levels not only enable recognition of career progression but also provides a means by which to map against the internationally recognized capability framework of SFIA. 

microCredentials are generally targeted to individuals already in the workforce and looking to further their career and/or change career paths within the ICT sector. They provide a unique way to issue a credential, or digital badge, which can be shared instantly on social sites and digitally.

When choosing which level of recognition to apply for, ACS recommends selecting the mandatory microCredential (Information Security) as the anchor level and allow for movement +/- one level from the mandatory microCredential level. For example, if Information Security is chosen at Gold level, the individual could choose specialism microCredentials at either Silver, Gold or Platinum (e.g., Security Testing Gold and Compliance & Assurance Silver).

Assessment Process

Once application is received by ACS, applicants are provided access to ACS’ microCredential Assessment Platform. Applicants will be able to commence the assessment process for the microCredentials and levels of recognition chosen with their application.

Applicants are encouraged to read through the Standard and Knowledge Requirements documents for the microCredential which they have applied for. This will give the applicant an outline on the expectations and knowledge requirements which will be assessed as part of the microCredential application.

ACS uses various forms of assessment to determine competence against each microCredential, and may include a blend of:

  • Multiple Choice Questions – confirms prior knowledge acquired through either formal or informal education/training
  • Short answer questions – used to provide the applicant with opportunity to give context and examples of their work experiences (e.g., Project, Initiatives, role examples) and reflect on their work examples.
  • Submission of CV/Resume and other supporting evidence (e.g., qualifications, certificates, portfolio of work) to support career pathway and experience in the cyber security sector
  • Other evidence requirements as directed by the ACS Assessment Team

The assessment of evidence and completion of application requirements will be undertaken by industry-based ACS Assessors. Upon successful achievement of the microCredential, digital badge will be issued for each microCredential achieved.