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Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing Frameworks

People, Projects, Data and Output


One of the biggest challenges of our times for data scientists, government policy makers and businesses that collect and use data is striking the right balance between the benefits of data sharing without compromising on the right to privacy of citizens. Edited by Dr Ian Oppermann, Chief Data Scientist, NSW Government and Vice-President, ACS, this paper is the third in a series focused around working towards the goal of preserving privacy while enabling smarter services through shared data.

For three years, ACS has worked with many of Australia’s leading data scientists and companies to develop a practical solution to this problem. Solving this problem in a workable way has the potential to provide massive benefits to Australian organisations and public-at-large. It will allow stakeholders to effectively access and offer shared datasets without the fear of tripping over privacy laws. Download the report to find out more about this pathbreaking solution.