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Machine Learning Innovation


Machine learning algorithms are applied to make predictions and conclusions when provided with data and allow computer systems to make intelligent decisions.

Recent patent data shows machine learning technology is an area of outstanding growth and investment across the world. Since 2012, patenting of AI and machine learning related technologies has increased significantly, with a four-fold global increase in patent filings over five years from 2012−16. Applicants are commonly large corporations or universities.

China is both the largest patent filing destination and the largest source of patent family filings in machine learning, with the State Grid Corporation of China playing the largest role in this sector.

The United States, South Korea and Japan are the other major players in this sector, with Australia ranking tenth in the world as a patent filing destination.

In real world applications of machine learning, the telecommunications sector had the most patent filings (17 per cent of patents filed), likely reflecting the growth and net worth of this sector in the global economy. This is mirrored by development of core capabilities in image and video analysis (36 per cent of patents filed).

Underlying these advances, the most significant developments in foundational technologies since 2012 were found in supervised or semi-supervised learning techniques (38 per cent of all patent filings).

This report outlines findings from analysis of patents filed since 2012, including trends, innovators, filing destinations and commercial players in this space.


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