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ICT Skills White Paper - Common Job Profiles And Skills Mobility


The Australian Computer Society has been conducting annual employment surveys since 1993. For the first time, the 2013 survey contained a dedicated skills section.

Respondents were asked to nominate the top four skills they use in their current role using skills defined in the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA). There were over 5,000 respondents to the 2013 survey.

The results of the survey provide a clear understanding of skills mobility both horizontally across ICT job roles of similar skill levels, and vertically.

This white paper identifies the skills profiles for twenty five common ICT job roles. These job roles represent the collective returns of 3,629 survey participants.

For an individual, the skills profiles provide an invaluable resource in support of career planning. The data provides an insight into market demand for specific skills, and identifies skill sets that afford greatest mobility in the ICT employment market.

For an organisation, the skills profiles provide invaluable benchmarking data to compare the skills profile of your workforce with that of the broader ICT sector. Such analysis supports human capital strategic planning by informing areas to target in both recruitment plans and workforce development plans


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