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Female Founders


With the mantra of Born Local, Going Global, Startup Catalyst was formed to assist in the cultural transformation of the Australian economy to one that is fast-paced, tech startup aware, and “global first”. We achieve this through the deep immersion of entrepreneurs, innovators and technologists into global tech startup and innovation hotspots, allowing our alumni to acquire best-practice insights that can be adapted for our local market, and to build networks and connections for trade.

All alumni of our Startup Catalyst missions are expected to return to their communities and be the contagion for change. Post-mission you are expected to share your learnings and experiences with as many others as possible and to put into practice new activities to make a bigger impact.

The Female Founders report sheds light on the twelve Startup Catalyst alumni who embarked on the journey of building high-growth technology startups and are sharing their journeys and experiences.

These stories will give you an insight into startup culture and maybe even assist in being bitten by the startup bug yourself, giving you a sense of what can be achieved building and deploying technology if you put your mind to it.


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