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Demand & Impacts on Tech & Digital Skills


ACS’ Demand & Impacts on Tech & Digital Skills White Paper 2021 offers current state analysis of the directions being taken with tech and digital skills in Australia. It is a fresh focus on the contemporary Australian technology and digital skills picture underpinned by data from ACS’ Tech & Digital Skills’ Survey 2020.

The strong, ongoing demand for ICT/technology workers and skills is consistent with the role that digital technologies play in driving Australia’s economic health. Adaptations in response to COVID-19 have resulted in retailers embracing ecommerce; schools’ and higher education providers’ transition to online learning; and the comprehensive acceptance of remote working. The result of these changes is that Australian workers are almost twice as likely to work from home in February 2021, compared with March 2020.

ACS’ Demand & Impacts on Tech & Digital Skills White Paper provides a stocktake and profile of 90 tech and digital job roles, and their top five skills. The White Paper also explores the potential impacts on technology roles and careers from the increasing automation and augmentation being introduced by organisations and governments.

The analysis is aligned to SFIA (the Skills Framework for the Information Age), ensuring the robustness of this international tech and digital skills framework is applied to ACS’ data and skills commentary.