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Information Age - Cyber Security Experts Series


The 2017 and 2018 editions of Australia’s Digital Pulse highlighted the tremendous opportunities enabled by technology, with digital technologies forecast to be worth $139 billion to the Australian economy in 2020 – equating to seven per cent of GDP.

Further adoption of digital technologies could add an extra $66 billion to Australia’s GDP over the next five years. Deloitte Access Economics modelling also suggests that a greater focus on cyber security by Australian businesses could increase business investment by 5.5% and wages by 2.0%, employing an additional 60,000 people by 2030.

These opportunities need to be earned however, and are not owed. A strong cyber security ecosystem is a mandatory prerequisite for continued economic growth. On average, a cybercrime attack costs a business in Australia more than $400,000. Who can businesses trust to get the fundamentals right?

With heightened awareness of the need to lift cyber resilience in Australia, an ACS Cyber Taskforce headed by senior cyber security expert Professor Jill Slay, was established to review global cyber security frameworks and identify best practice professional benchmarks that would be fit for purpose here in Australia. Frameworks examined included:

• US Department of Defense Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program

• National Institute of Standards and Technology, US Department of Commerce

• National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education, Cybersecurity Workforce Framework

• US Department of Labor Cybersecurity Industry Competency Model

In September 2017, ACS announced its extension of our professional certifications scheme by introducing Cyber Security specialisations.

I would like to thank ISC2 and ISACA for partnering with ACS on this launch. As part of determining professional practice benchmarks, certifications from both organisations were considered when levelling ACS’ standard.

ACS’ flagship publication Information Age has since showcased a number of professionals achieving ACS certifications in cyber security. This publication is a compilation of those articles and provides a fascinating insight into the multi-disciplinary nature of cyber security across a range of verticals including aviation, banking and finance, audit and risk, consulting, and healthcare.

By employing professionals with a CP (Cyber Security) certification, Australian businesses and government are well placed to lift the cyber resilience of their organisations.


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