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Australia’s Offensive Cyber Capability 


This policy brief clarifies the nature of Australia's offensive cyber capability and recommends ways to strengthen it to protect the national interest.  


Securing Australia's future: the vital role of cyber capabilities 


The reality of our world today is that cyber operations are now the norm. Battlefields no longer exist solely as physical theatres of operation but also as virtual ones. Soldiers today can be armed not just with weapons but with keyboards. Digital technology is woven so intricately into our businesses, infrastructure and lives that a nation-state can launch a cyberattack against another and cause immense damage without firing a shot.

ACS's aim in participating in this policy brief is to improve the clarity of communication in this area. For Australia, defensive and offensive cyber capabilities are now an essential component of our nation's military arsenal and a necessary step to ensure that we keep up with global players. The cyber arms race moves fast, so continued investment in cyber capability is pivotal to keep ahead of and defend against the latest threats while being able to deploy our capabilities when and where we choose.

So, too, is ensuring we have the skills and the talent to drive Australia's cyber capabilities. Attracting and keeping the brightest young minds, the sharpest-skilled local talent and experienced technology veterans will help grow a pipeline of cyber specialists and protect and serve Australia's military and economic interests.