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Billion Dollar Benefit – Welcoming Tech Talent


Australia’s tech sector is growing at an unprecedented rate. Propelled by emerging and disruptive technologies, an additional 60,000 technology professionals are required annually to maintain growth. 


The talent pipeline fuelling the tech sector is too small. Just 7,000 students graduate with an IT degree while an estimated 11.2 million Australian workers need to reskill.


Skilled migration is part of the solution. Many migrants and refugees already resident in Australia are highly skilled and possess a wealth of tech expertise, qualifications and experience. Currently, only 2% of skilled migrants in Australia work in the tech sector. 


Billion Dollar Benefit is an employer’s guide to recruiting and retaining skilled migrants and refugees. The report published in partnership with SSI, a leading not-for-profit providing dedicated human and social services to a diverse Australia, maps out why hiring diverse talent is smart of business. The report reveals ten tips for welcoming tech talent and presents the stories of skilled migrants who have successfully navigated Australia’s thriving tech sector.


Billion Dollar Benefit is essential reading for all employers faced with recruiting and retaining top tech talent.