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ACS 2019 Federal Election Manifesto


In the lead-up to the 2019 federal election, ACS surveyed its members to identify the public policy priorities that would advance the national interest.


17 game changers to ensure higher paying jobs


To formulate its 2019 federal election manifesto, ACS surveyed its members to identify the key factors inhibiting Australia from achieving its potential in the digital economy and the key factors enabling it.


Front of mind included legislative reform of the Assistance And Access Bill 2018; to recognise the potential blockers of the Bill for an Australian cybersecurity export industry, as well as the technical limitations and expectations of the Bill, and protecting the privacy of our citizens.


Having access to critical productivity-enhancing infrastructure and arresting Australia's slide in global broadband speed rankings was also commonly identified. All citizens and businesses seek affordable high-speed internet access.


When analysing responses and synthesising key themes, it is clear that the ACS community believes Australia's transition to a knowledge and digital economy needs to happen with sufficient speed to maintain our historically high standards of living. There are concerns around the digital skills of our workforce, workforce diversity and, more generally, the process for rapid upskilling and reskilling to ensure our industries are placed higher up the value chain, education and training reform, and the inefficiency of our cities.


ACS therefore asked our political parties and leaders to consider the enclosed 17 #gamechangers to ensure Australians attract higher-paying jobs into the future.