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Tech jobs can meet Albanese government aims

ACS proposes measures to get Australians into secure, well paid IT roles

26 May 2022 – for immediate release

The technology sector can help the Albanese government deliver on its promise to prepare Australians for the jobs of the future and secure more well paid, secure roles for the nation’s workforce, says ACS President, Dr Nick Tate.

●        Australia’s technology sector grew nearly four times faster than the broader workforce last year

●        The local technology sector is expected to have an annual 60,000 workers shortfall.

●        ACS’ 2022 Election Platform laid out a roadmap for more, better paid jobs in technology

ACS, the professional association for Australia’s technology sector, today outlined a range of measures to help Australians gain secure, well paid jobs in the IT industry ahead of the Federal government’s Employment Summit.

The Summit, a key part of Labor’s pre-election commitment to address under-employment and provide well-paid jobs allowing Australians to realise their full potential, is also an opportunity to boost the nation’s productivity and technology skills, ACS President Dr Nick Tate said today.

“Employment in the IT sector has long been outgrowing the broader economy,” Dr Tate said. “last year the ACS Digital Pulse report found the technology workforce grew at 5.4%, nearly four times the rate of the broader workforce.

“Previous editions of the annual report, prepared by Deloitte Access Economics, found each worker reskilling into the technology sector could realise gains to the Australian economy of $11,000 each per year, illustrating how these roles could boost the nation’s wages and productivity.

“We are looking at over 1.1m Australians working in technology roles by 2026 and an annual shortfall of 60,000 workers. We can address much of that worker shortage through reskilling and boosting the sector’s diversity with last year’s report finding working toward gender parity in the sector could add 5,000 new participants each year.

“This is why our 2022 Election Platform proposed measures to boost the IT sector’s diversity and inclusion, workforce digital skills, teachers’ technology training, and regional digital initiatives.

“At ACS we strongly believe the benefits of the digital economy need to be spread across Australia, so it’s important we include regional communities in building the nation’s IT capacities.”

The 2022 ACS Election Platform featured nine measures:

  • A $500m program to boost the technology profession’s diversity and inclusion
  • $100m to encourage Digital Technologies education in schools
  • A $10,000 employer tax credit for improving the workforce’s digital skills
  • Stronger cybersecurity rules for government agencies and contractors
  • A $100m crackdown on spam and scams
  • $500m for growing Australia’s regional digital economy
  • Establishment of a Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology
  • Creating a Cabinet-level Digital Economy portfolio
  • Establishing a commission to evaluate the needs of tomorrow’s workforce

“We see the Employment Summit and subsequent White Paper on Full Employment as meeting the last item of our proposals and we look forward to working with the Albanese government in developing programs that will equip Australians for the secure, well paid jobs of the future,” Dr Tate concluded.



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Director of Corporate Affairs and Public Policy

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