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Hottest tech jobs detailed in new report

New ACS guide maps out IT roles in high demand

12 October 2022


ACS, the professional association for Australia’s technology sector, will tomorrow officialy launch the ACS Guide to IT Professions report revealing the most in-demand jobs in the technology industry.

The IT sector is Australia’s fastest growing employer after the health care industry and the ACS report classifies jobs by location, employer, occupation, education required, skills required, and wages.

Developed in partnership with Lightcast, the world’s leading labour analytics firm, the report analyses millions of online job postings in Australia since 2016. Findings include:

·         Australian employers are more demanding than their overseas counterparts, with 97% of ads requiring tertiary qualifications. United Kingdom tech employers requested a bachelor degree or higher in 90% of postings in 2021 and 86% in the US.

·         IT jobs grew 14% over the five year period, second only to health care’s 21%.

·         Cyber security job postings have doubled over five years.

·         The fastest growing tech sector jobs are in data, with Database Architect ads growing 191%, Data Warehousing Specialist positions at 174% and Data Scientist roles at 113%.

·         There’s a very uneven distribution of jobs around the country, with most IT roles in NSW, Victoria and Canberra.

·         Employers are demanding ‘soft’ skills (communication, teamwork, planning) as much as technical skills.

ACS Vice-President, Jo Dalvean said: “The Guide to the IT Professions report highlights the great opportunities in the technology sector and just how strong the competition for talent now is.

“For employers, the report shows how important it is to establish alternative pathways into the industry beyond IT related degrees. Some of the sector’s best talent doesn’t come through traditional career progression.

“It’s also important to note the survey looked at job ads, yet in truth many roles are filled by recruiters or informal approaches through industry forums or sites like LinkedIn. It’s very much a headhunters’ market at the moment and every employer should assume their best workers are being courted right now.

“For technology students and workers, the report also shows the potential in emerging technologies. Regardless of what you’re currently studying or the field you’re qualified in, there are great career opportunities in the coming years.

“The report is a great guide for workers, students and employers looking ahead to where they should be investing their talent.”

The main findings from the ACS’ Guide to IT Professions is available to media on request.


Further information

Troy Steer

Director of Corporate Affairs and Public Policy

M – 0417 173 740

E – [email protected]

About ACS

ACS is the voice of Australia’s technology sector, representing over 35,000 technology professionals across all industries and across the nation.

Our members work in industry, education, government, and the community delivering the digital services that drive the nation and provide the high-skilled jobs of today and tomorrow.

ACS works to grow the technology sector while making sure IT professionals act ethically, responsibly, and in keeping with the best interests of not only their employers, but the wider community.

Through our network of branches in every state and Territory, our innovation labs, education programs and our history of over fifty years, ACS works to help all Australians be part of the nation’s highest growth sector. Visit for more information.