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Act continues to lead Australia’s digital transformation


Territory has Australia’s largest proportion of tech workers



25 July 2022 


The ACT continues to have the largest proportion technology workers according to the 2022 ACS Digital Pulse report.


Prepared by Deloitte Access Economics for the Australian Computer Society, Digital Pulse tracks the key trends in Australia’s technology workforce and the sector’s potential over the next five years. Key ACT findings in this year’s report include:


•       The ACT has the highest proportion of tech workers, 14.5% compared to a national figure of 6.7%.


•       35,209 Canberrans work in the IT sector.


•       Up 4,261, or 13.8% from the year before.


•       Over the next five years, expected to grow to 48,662.


•       Annual growth of the Territory’s tech workforce estimated to be 5.5%.


ACS Canberra Chair, Peter O’Halloran said of the Territory’s results: “This year’s Digital Pulse shows the importance of the technology sector to all levels of government and the private sector.


“The Federal government’s commitment to technology in delivering services and boosting our cybersecurity defences is going to further boost demand for IT professionals and businesses have a similar need for digitally capable workers.


“At a territory level, the ACT government’s 2020 Digital Strategy and its support for Canberra’s Cyber Security Cluster shows the local commitment to the sector.


“ACS have also been delighted to work with the ACT government in boosting the tech sector’s diversity through Skills Canberra and our program assisting women entering the IT industry which we launched last month.


“At both a territory and national level we’re going to have to work hard to meet the digital needs of our governments and industry, and we’re proud the ACT is leading the way.”


Nationally, the report found Australia’s tech workforce grew by 8% over the previous year, with over 870,000 Australians now working in IT roles. By comparison, the workforce as a whole only grew 3.4%.


In the next five years the tech sector will employ over 1.2 million Australians, with the workforce having an average annual growth rate of 5.5%, the report found.  


Digital Pulse also flagged the need for Australian businesses and government to do more to train workers and encourage greater diversity in the technology workforce. Women represent only 31% of the technology workers, compared to 48% across the Australian workforce.


In the report, ACS recommends seven measures to address the nation’s technology skills needs:


1.           develop and promote workplace policies to encourage diverse technology talent


2.           provide schoolteachers with more resources to improve student digital literacy and increase awareness of technology career pathways


3.           greater coordination between agencies to develop skills in the technology workforce


4.           further encourage businesses to deepen digital skills in other occupations

5.           work to retain existing technology talent in Australia


6.           encourage employers to consider more diverse pathways into the technology sector


7.           boost government and industry investment in the technology sector.


John O’Mahony, Partner at Deloitte Access Economics and co-author of the Digital Pulse series added: “Australia’s tech workforce growth has been astonishing – we will soon have one million tech workers in this country.


“Individuals can earn, on average, an extra $11,000 every year in salary in tech occupations compared with other professional occupations. If we can boost diversity in the technology workforce it could be worth over $20 billion to our economy over the next two decades.”


Digital Pulse also highlighted how businesses can better retain current workers and attract new staff by supporting diverse workforces and flexible working conditions.


The full 2022 Digital Pulse report can be downloaded from the ACS website at www.acs.org.au.








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